Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie



(43 reviews)

Product descriptions

This cultivar was bred in Hawaii and takes its name from the tropical paradise it takes its name from! An exotic blend of mango, pine, and pepper add complexity to this profile.


About this product

Licenced Producer: Timeless

Category: Vape

Flower Type:Sativa


43 reviews
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Top feelings mentioned

  • Blissful (15)
  • Creative (18)
  • Energetic (13)
  • Relaxed (13)
  • Pain free (4)
  • Sleepy (1)
  • Not high (2)
  • Hungry (3)

Top activities mentioned

  • Ease my mind (16)
  • Get Active (15)
  • Stimulate my mind (19)
  • Hang with friends (13)
  • Get relief (12)
  • Get intimate (1)

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t****pVerified purchase
I've only smoked real Maui Wowie once. That was way back in the day when a group of us got together after a friend's funeral to celebrate his life. There were five of us and my friend had one doob. We smoked and then sat around and talked about Jim. And suddenly we realized we were all laughing at some of the stories and all of the good times we had to remember him. That was very long ago though. I didn't get the same laughing giggling experience with this as I did back on that day smoking with my friends. I did have a calm and happy feeling though and it kind of gave me the munchies. It didn't make me really sleepy or anything. I had a report due for work that required my attention but the Wowie didn't take away my ability to to adult when I needed to. I was able to focus and deliver even though I was pretty buzzed.
l****kVerified purchase
Timeless has many many better flavors than this, and other Maui wauis from other brands taste better
x****4Verified purchase
I enjoyed it very much


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