Limited Edition Shred For The Cure CA Battery and Flip Case Combo 1G

Limited Edition Shred For The Cure CA Battery and Flip Case Combo 1G

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Timeless Vapes has partnered with brain cancer survivor DJ Stewart for the second annual Shred for the Cure campaign, an initiative to benefit the Head for the Cure Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and funding in the battle against brain cancer.
DJ Stewart is a skateboarder and brain cancer survivor from Kansas City dedicated to raising awareness for brain cancer and the impact cannabis had in his healing journey. Timeless partnered with Stewart and Kansas City artist John F. Malta in 2023 for Shred for the Cure’s inaugural campaign in Missouri, which raised $13,000 for Head for the Cure. Shred for the Cure returns this year with a fundraising goal of $50,000 across six markets: Arizona, California, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Oklahoma.
From May 15th through June 15th, consumers in these six markets can purchase a new limited-edition Timeless Shred For The Cure flip case and battery combo designed by John F. Malta in which all profits will be donated to Head for the Cure. In addition, Timeless and participating dispensary partners will be making donations directly to Head for the Cure in the states where they are based to ensure maximum impact for their communities.
The Limited-Edition Shred For The Cure Flip Case & Battery Combo is one TV6 power supply and one matching Flip Case. We took special consideration to keep both you and your Timeless Vape clean with the Timeless Flip Case, fashioned specifically for discretion while medicating. This unique case is specifically made to fit the Timeless Vapes TV6 battery when attached to any of our 1000mg C-Cell cartridges. The plastic case is 5 inches by 1 inch at its widest. Just slide your Timeless Vapes pen into the case and prepare to Taste the Terps.


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