Sky OG [1g]

Sky OG [1g]


Pre Roll

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Product descriptions

STIIIZY is setting the standard in the pre-roll game with the most revolutionary and innovative products.
Elevate your pre-roll game. STIIIZY 40's pre-rolls are setting the standard with high potency, cannabis-infused joints coated evenly with kief. Using our proprietary live resin infusion methods, we’ve designed every pre-roll to offer 40% cannabinoids (THC) potency with a unique flavor profile. With a smooth inhale and tasteful exhale, each and every STIIIZY 40's is packed with indoor-grown flower, specifically made to ensure a potent and long-lasting high. Spark up the 40's.
Taste: Earthy, Diesel
Feeling: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy
Description: With its profound diesel and gassy aroma, Sky OG is known for its effects and flavorful aftertaste. With the extra kief coat on our 40's, Sky OG is sure to keep you feeling like you’re floating in space.


About this product

Licenced Producer: STIIIZY

Category: Pre Roll

Flower Type:Hybrid

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12 reviews
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Top feelings mentioned

  • Blissful (5)
  • Creative (3)
  • Energetic (1)
  • Not high (1)
  • Relaxed (4)
  • Sleepy (1)
  • Pain free (3)
  • Hungry (1)

Top activities mentioned

  • Ease my mind (5)
  • Get Active (1)
  • Stimulate my mind (2)
  • Hang with friends (1)
  • Get relief (4)
  • Get some sleep (1)
  • Get intimate (1)

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g****3Verified purchase
It’s jus ok
s****3Verified purchase
Never fails. Fire!
d****4Verified purchase
Always love going to satori! Bud tenders a real chill and very Knowledgeable about their products. Extremely friendly, it's like going to your buddy's house. They always have great deals early bird and late evening specials. There's usually never a wait. It's a great spot!


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