Forbidden Fruit [.5g]
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Forbidden Fruit [.5g]


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The history of Forbidden Fruit traces back to the crossbreeding of two renowned strains: Tangie and Cherry Pie. Tangie, a citrusy and uplifting sativa, brings its distinct flavors and cerebral effects to the hybrid offspring. On the other hand, Cherry Pie, an indica-dominant strain, contributes its sweet and earthy aroma along with its relaxing and euphoric qualities. This genetic fusion gives rise to Forbidden Fruit, a strain that offers a delightful blend of flavors and effects. When it comes to how Forbidden Fruit makes you feel, it is known for inducing a deeply relaxing and calming sensation. Many users report feeling a wave of tranquility and stress relief, making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day. The strain's effects are often described as soothing and euphoric, inducing a gentle cerebral high accompanied by a full-body relaxation. It can be enjoyed during the evening or nighttime to promote restful sleep or moments of introspection.
Not your typical pre-roll. Pacific Stone Premium Pre-rolls are carefully packed with our premium 100% greenhouse flower, no shake or trim, giving each pre-roll a consistent smoking experience. Pacific Stone has various strains that are perfect for any time of the day and are great for igniting with friends. We only sell what our Pac Stone team grows and cures to bring you farm-direct California cannabis at an affordable price.


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Licenced Producer: Pacific Stone

Category: Pre Roll

Flower Type:Indica

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