Metal Dabber with Silicone Tips | Assorted Colors | Large | 120mm

Metal Dabber with Silicone Tips | Assorted Colors | Large | 120mm

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Handle wax, oils and concentrates safely, efficiently, and in style with this silicone-tipped tool.
The silicone tips are formulated to work safely up to temperatures of 450F. The tips are removable if you need/prefer to use the metal tips directly.
The silicone tips allow you to safely maneuver your wax, oil or concentrate without damaging your heating element the way you can with metal tips, depending upon your usage.
Non-stick rubber tips are easier to manage sticky wax and oils. It's the same principle behind why your mom used silicone tipped spatulas to bake you brownies! ;-)
Works with both nails and pens
Stainless steel construction, holds up under high temperatures
Removable silicone caps allow for non-stick handling
Silicone caps prevent damage to hardware & heating elements
Lightweight and easy to clean


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Licenced Producer: Luv Buds

Category: Gear

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l****uVerified purchase
Easy to use for beginners. The lookahs though = dab heaven for taste and consistency.
o****2Verified purchase
Not what the item is something different than pictured
n****5Verified purchase
I thought it was some kind of dab pipe but it's just a little stick for getting your goop, pretty useful if that's how you wanna do it. I however, simply heat my glass and use it as a straw in a repeated up and down attacking motion slurping up little pools of goop. They don't seem to have the little silicone mats for sale but you can find them at some local smoke shops. The one in powhatan next to tractor supply has them for sure.


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