LuvBuds 7.5" Slime Water Bong

LuvBuds 7.5" Slime Water Bong

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SLIME Water Bong - the hilarious hydration station for your smoking needs! Equipped with a flower bowl and an array of eye-popping colors, this bong will have you inhaling clouds of laughter as you embark on a smoky adventure.
Looking to kick things up a notch? Just add a 14mm Male Quartz Banger (not included) for those concentrates that make your eyes water. Just remember, each Slurp EEEEE bong is a handcrafted work of art, so you're getting a one-of-a-kind experience, just like your late-night food cravings.
Can be utilized for CONCENTRATES with the addition of a 14mm Male Quartz Banger (Not Included)
Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this bong/rig was created each bong/rig will look similar to the bong/rig in the photos but there can be slight artistic variations.


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Licenced Producer: Luv Buds

Category: Gear

Flower Type:Not Specified


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