Alien OG High THC Cartridge 1g
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Alien OG High THC Cartridge 1g



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Product descriptions

Alien OG, a classic OG Kush, has a piney fuel taste that blends well with the pungent garlic notes of Garlic Cookies. Not exactly couch lock, but not an overpowering euphoric high either. It’s just right for any type of session.
Jetty High THC is super-potent and features a variety of legendary cannabis strains. Jetty High THC is triple-tested and free from fillers and cutting agents. Made in our Oakland lab using real cannabis terpenes, Jetty High THC is sure to elevate the everyday.
Look for the Jetty signature wood tip and our premium CCell cartridges which work with any 510-thread battery.


About this product

Licenced Producer: Jetty Extracts

Category: Vape

Flower Type:Hybrid


39 reviews
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Top feelings mentioned

  • Blissful (7)
  • Creative (6)
  • Energetic (4)
  • Relaxed (11)
  • Not high (1)
  • Sleepy (3)
  • Pain free (3)
  • Hungry (5)

Top activities mentioned

  • Ease my mind (12)
  • Get Active (3)
  • Stimulate my mind (8)
  • Get some sleep (4)
  • Get relief (6)
  • Hang with friends (7)
  • Get intimate (2)

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j****2Verified purchase
Odd taste and much less of an effect than other carts. Surprised considering jetty
c****4Verified purchase
Did not like the way the wooden mouthpiece seemed to plug up. Not sure I like the taste of the wood after used a bit. The flavor and effect were nice though would not try again.
c****4Verified purchase
The wood mouthpiece is different, but nice. Smoke is smooth. High is a little delayed for me but builds nicely. The high feels more elastic than buzzy, and it makes me very easily distracted (not a bad thing). Good for watching shows or playing easy games. Overall a quality cartridge.


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