Apples Tartz [.5g]
  • Apples Tartz [.5g]
  • Apples Tartz [.5g]
Heavy Hitters

Apples Tartz [.5g]


Pre Roll

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Product descriptions

Heavy Hitters’ Infused Pre-Rolls are made for those who want a little something extra. Each premium pre-roll is all nugs and no shake, with an infused concentrate that amplifies the already top-shelf high that you can expect from Heavy Hitters. Light up, and enjoy your favorite strain like it was your first time again.

Folded Tip | Concentrate Infused | Limited Drops | Hand Crafted | Ready-To-Smoke

Apples and bananas may be part of a balanced breakfast, but Apples and Bananas is a balanced hybrid that can help you start your day or wind it down. As you’d expect, this centered hybrid tastes like sour apple and smooth, sweet banana, but there’s a bit of an earthy funk to the flavor too. The aroma is a totally different story: sweet chemicals and fuel, all wrapped around a happy, creative combo that’s perfect for all occasions.

Strain Type: Hybrid
Taste Profile: Apple, Banana, Earth
Effect Profile: Happy, Creative, Relaxed
Lineage: A complicated lineage: Platinum Cookies are crossed with Grandaddy Purple, and the result is bred with Blue Power. THEN, that result is crossed with Gelatti. Talk about a family tree.


About this product

Licenced Producer: Heavy Hitters

Category: Pre Roll

Flower Type:Hybrid


2 reviews
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Top feelings mentioned

  • Blissful (0)
  • Creative (0)
  • Energetic (0)
  • Relaxed (2)
  • Pain free (1)
  • Sleepy (1)
  • Hungry (1)

Top activities mentioned

  • Ease my mind (2)
  • Get Active (0)
  • Stimulate my mind (0)
  • Get relief (2)
  • Get some sleep (1)
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