SD x NBK [500mg]
Gold Flora

SD x NBK [500mg]



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Naked AF All-In-One Rosin Vape Pen – the ultimate fusion of sophistication and potency by Gold Flora. This sleek, powerful vape contains .5G of premium cured rosin, featuring Sundae Driver x Natural Born Killer. This indica-dominant strain showcases a sweet and smooth taste reminiscent of fruity dessert, complemented by a citrus aroma. Feel a sense of calm and upliftment as clarity and creativity flourish, making this strain an ideal choice for conquering the week. Crafted with our exclusive all-in-one TruBlu technology, Gold Flora's Naked AF vape pen promises an unparalleled vaping experience that redefines the standard.
- Premium Cured Rosin Oil
- Sundae Driver x Natural Born Killer (Indica)
- Strain-Specific, Cannabis Derived Terpenes
- High Potency (80-85% THC)


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Licenced Producer: Gold Flora

Category: Vape

Flower Type:Hybrid

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1 reviews
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r****3Verified purchase
Bought 1.16.24 around 4pm and by that night it no longer pulled properly or tasted like it had any concentrate. Didn't pull very well to begin with but as of today taken multiple hits and little to no delivery, but battery is getting hot. Wished I bought just a regular cart over this disposable this brand seems to not do well


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