Rainbow Kush [1000mg]
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Rainbow Kush [1000mg]



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No Battery? NO PROB! Dime Bag brings you an all-in-one rechargeable vape, boasting big clouds, big flavor, and HIGH potency! Our disposable vape pen is crafted with Dime Bag distillate and tasty terpenes offered in 6 NEW, mouthwatering strains. Keep it discrete and on-the-low with this new powerful, yet slim CELL hardware. Each vape is clearly labeled so you know what you're smoking. No one wants an accidental hit of Sativa when they're looking for Indica to help them sleep!
Named for its vibrant array of colors found in the plant, Rainbow Kush is a potent and pleasant indica. If you're looking for a creative high with a deeply calming body buzz, this strain is for you. You’ll notice tropical sweet flavors with a skunky and kushy aroma.


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Licenced Producer: Dime Bag

Category: Vape

Flower Type:Hybrid


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