CAM's Permanent Marker
  • CAM's Permanent Marker
  • CAM's Permanent Marker
  • CAM's Permanent Marker
  • CAM's Permanent Marker

CAM's Permanent Marker



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(Biscotti X Jealousy X Sherb BX)
We love our Seed Junky crosses and this strain has been building steam since dropping in June of last year. Created by JBeezy and selected by Doja Exclusives, this is part of that sweet, soapy, gassy wave of strains that have taken the scene by storm.
CAM’s version almost looks like Biscotti at first, with dusky hues instead of vibrant purples, and with the sweet, flowery smell of Sherbert, and Jealousy that makes you want to inhale deeply. Popping the seal is like pulling open the dryer. This one has a flavor that sheds the biscotti behind like snakeskin, leaving you with something that’s fruit snacks and flowers.
Ground up for a joint, CAM’s Permanent Marker has a strong blast of fruit before that astringent quality comes in, letting you know how this strain got its name. The dry inhale has that same mix of marker ink and concentrated fruit that, once lit up, ferments that flavor into a gassy mix that lights you right up into the sky. We’re excited to be bringing you CAM’s interpretation of this scene-stealing hit.


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Licenced Producer: CAM

Category: Flower

Flower Type:Indica


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m****gVerified purchase
I think it has some chemical that is not from the bud. Fake.


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