Iced Lemonaid [.5g]

Iced Lemonaid [.5g]


Pre Roll

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With Almora Pre-Rolls, you’re getting the same values that have driven Almora from the start: ` We love and respect each of our plants, and even provide airtight packaging for a safe journey from farm to customer.
Iced Lemonaid is a Sativa strain made by crossing Pink Lemonaid #2 with Huckleberry Soda. This tart strain delivers sweet citrus notes while effects put the mind into a blissful haze and relax the body.
Strain Type: Sativa
Taste Profile: citrus, Earthy, Sweet
Effect Profile: Energetic, Uplifted, Creative
Lineage: Cross between Pink Lemonaid #2 and Huckleberry Soda


About this product

Licenced Producer: Almora

Category: Pre Roll

Flower Type:Sativa

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3 reviews
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Top feelings mentioned

  • Blissful (0)
  • Creative (0)
  • Energetic (0)
  • Sleepy (2)
  • Relaxed (3)
  • Hungry (1)

Top activities mentioned

  • Ease my mind (3)
  • Get Active (0)
  • Stimulate my mind (0)
  • Get relief (1)
  • Get some sleep (2)
  • Hang with friends (1)
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