We know that not every cannabis consumer is the same. That’s why we love thinking up creative products for everyone’s diverse tastes!

Caliva’s premium flower goes into not one, but four different varieties of pre-rolled joints. Each of our pre rolls has something different to offer - but all of them are a guaranteed good time for you and all of your favorite people. Which pre roll was made for you? Read on to find out.

House Doobie

You are smart, sensible, and economical. You believe that a great smoke shouldn’t break the bank. The Caliva House Doobies are simple but powerful. These single joints come in your choice of indica, sativa and hybrid blends so you can achieve your current desired effect. Maybe you are a creature of habit who likes to stick to your favorite, or maybe you always like to have one of each on hand, for whenever the mood changes. Either way, the House Doobies will always be there for you to give you a taste of your favorite Caliva flavors!


Life is a celebration, and you love having a smoke for every possible occasion. The DogWalkers are perfectly miniature smokes, ideal for a quick stroll with your best friend (furry or otherwise). Of course, they contain just the right amount of flower for a solo session as well, and are fully potent at 25 percent THC and above. Whether or not you are willing to share, a single pack of DogWalkers will provide four opportunities to get elevated, packaged in a discreet tin. We also produce a line of CBD DogWalkers for a chilled out, healing vibe.


You are always prepared for anything, and that means never running out of pre rolls. Caliva Toasties come five to a pack, to last you all day or night. They are smooth and easy to smoke, rolled with lower-THC flower and filter tips to ensure a hassle-free smoking experience. Toasties contain half a gram of flower, come in their own sweet cardboard pack, and are the perfect low-dose pre roll with the potential to bring all levels of smokers together for a common cause.

Super Session

Out of your social circle, you are the most experienced with cannabis, and sharing the love is one of your favorite things to do! Our Super Session rolls are strong - packed full with only the finest top shelf Caliva indoor flower, hash and kief. This trifecta provides a unique bold flavor, as well as a profound psychoactive effect, testing at 30 percent THC or above. At a weight of .08 grams, these are big enough to satisfy your entire rotation. A Super Session is best suited for connoisseurs and individuals with a higher tolerance for cannabis.

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