Need Some Valentine’s Day Gift Inspo? Look No Further

We’ve got a list full of our favorite cannabis products for Valentine’s Day, sure to please your sweetie

Whether you love it or loathe it, every February 14th we get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s, or Palentine’s!). While some say it’s a marketing gimmick, it still is a great opportunity to show the ones we love in our lives a little extra appreciation. And why not show that love with the perfect weed gift for Valentine’s day? If you’re not into the traditional chocolate and roses, not to worry, because we’ve curated a list of our favs sure to surprise and delight your valentine more than conversation heart candy could hope to do!

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chill chocolates

<p><center>Chill Mood Chocolate Bar Inspire 2:1</p></center>

Elevate your Valentine’s Day chocolate game to the next level

Although you might consider it basic to go with the classic chocolate for Valentine’s Day, you should know that this chocolate is anything but! Surprise your sweetie with a Chill Mood Chocolate Bar and they’re sure to have heart eyes only for you. With approximately 100mg THC and 200mg CBD per bar, this full-spectrum Sativa oil and milk chocolate are sure to inspire your feelings to new heights. Cannabis and chocolate are one of the best ways to earn extra bonus points!

nickels deli gummy edibles

<p><center>Deli Nickels Passion Fruit Gummy Rounds</p></center>

Show that you’re passionate about keeping your sweetie happy

Because seriously, nothing says Valentine’s Day better than sweet, fruity, delicious gummies...although chocolate is a close second. Forget those stale conversation hearts (they taste like chalk anyway!) and pick up Deli Nickels Passion Fruit Gummies for your valentine. Each bite contains 5mg of THC and is bursting with the tropical taste of passion fruit. And what better way to show your passion for your dear one than with passion fruit on Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for a budget-friendly sure-to-please Valentine’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong with a pouch of these rounds.

deli twists pre-roll joints

<p><center>Deli Twists Sour Diesel Lemon Kush</p></center>

Easy to gift to your Valentine and yourself!

Nothing is more convenient than having a pre-roll at the ready, and your valentine will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness--especially when that pre-roll is Sour Diesel Lemon Kush. This pre-roll is ideal for any Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ve got planned and discreet enough to tag along with you. Going for a romantic walk in the park? Want to show your valentine a stunning view after a hike? This pre-roll is the perfect gift to bring along anywhere you might have in mind.

caliva head, neck + shoulder lotion

<p><center>Caliva Head, Neck, and Shoulder Tension Lotion</p></center>

Show your valentine a little extra TLC

If your valentine has been under a little extra stress lately, treat them to a little TLC with this moisturizing lotion. The Head, Neck, and Shoulder Tension is a lightweight lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin and is infused with approximately 319mg of THC--perfect to help anyone let go of the day. Your valentine can use this lotion anytime they need a little extra care, but bonus points if you offer to apply it for them, because what’s more romantic than a Valentine’s Day massage?

Pax Era Fresh Flower Classic Vapes

<p><center>Caliva Pax Pod Afternoon Delight</p></center>

Perfect for a relaxing afternoon (or evening) in with your valentine

Not into the Valentine’s Day dinner scene? If your valentine is looking forward to a chill time, why not gift them Caliva’s Afternoon Delight for their Pax Pod? (Also available for a 510 cartridge). This strain is the perfect accompaniment to a low key date. Think binging your favorite show while snuggled up on the couch, or cooking an eat-in dinner for two. Let the wonderful aroma of lemon guide you through your chill night in spending some quality time with your sweetie.

Fun Uncle Weed

<p><center>Fun Uncle Purple Wedding</p></center>

It’s always a nice day for a purple (white?) wedding

Okay not to worry you don’t need to think about weddings on Valentine’s Day...unless you’re planning to pop the big question that is! But if you’re like the rest of us, you probably just want to show your valentine a little extra love on February 14th. Fun Uncle Purple Wedding is the perfect flower to bring along for the ride and will make sure this Valentine’s Day is one for the books. With its vanilla and berry aromas, you might get a craving for dessert, but you won’t want to miss out on the euphoric and clear experience that comes along with this strain. While weddings may or may not be on your mind this Valentine’s Day, Purple Wedding is still a solid choice for a fun time.

Monogram weed No. 1

<p><center>Monogram No. 1</p></center>

For a top-notch Valentine’s Day gift

Looking to go all out this Valentine’s Day? Then you’ll need to try out Monogram No. 1. This strain comes from Jay-Z’s collaboration with Caliva, and is grown in small batches and cared for by experts. Each nug is handpicked and examined before it makes it here, so when you pick up this flower, you know you’ve gone to the next level. The sweet, herby smell of this strain transitions into a skunky and earthy finish, sure to leave your valentine pleased. This strain isn’t too heavy or too light and would be a great partner to bring along with whatever you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day.

Big Peats Treats Peanut Butter Cookies

<p><center>Big Pete’s Treats Peanut Butter Cookies</p></center>

For a top-notch Valentine’s Day gift

Nothing says “I heart you” more than delicious cookies

If your valentine has a sweet tooth and can’t get enough peanut butter (who can?) then one of the most thoughtful cannabis Valentine’s Day gifts would be cookies of course. Big Pete’s Treats Peanut Butter Cookies can be munched on whenever your sweetie needs a little somethin’ sweet, with a little somethin’ extra. WIth 10mg of Indica per cookie, they’re the perfect way to satisfy that comfort food craving. Having dinner and a movie Valentine’s Day date? This would be the perfect movie snack to bring along. Does your valentine prefer chocolate chip instead? Not to worry, Big Pete’s also makes those cookies as well. Why not gift both?

Caliva Dog Walkers

<p><center>Caliva Dog Walkers</p></center>

This 4 pack of pre-rolls is perfect for sharing

Nothing’s better than seeing your loved one’s face light up when the gift you give is just perfect. We have a feeling you might get that same reaction when you give the gift of Caliva Dog Walkers to your valentine. Since there are four pre-rolls included, it also makes the perfect opportunity to share the fun all around. Pre-rolls are great if you have an on-the-go Valentine’s Day date planned. Or, if it’s a chill night you’re in for, they’re also perfect to bring along when you take the dog out for their evening walk. No matter what you’re up for, these rolls will make the ride a good time.

Well, that about sums up our Valentine’s Day cannabis gift guide. No matter what your loved one prefers--something sweet, something chill, or some get up and go--Caliva is sure to have just what you need to score some major points with your Valentine’s Day gift this year. But why not keep the Valentine’s Day happy vibe going all year long? OutKast said it best, Happy Valentine’s Day, every day the 14th. Enjoy!

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