People usually associate California with the spring and summer seasons - but we think autumn is one of the most magical times to be here!

Don’t let the season pass you by. Take note of our tips to expand your horizons and maximize your fun this fall.


Taste the Harvest

California is famous for its agriculture, and the fall harvest is the perfect time to experience it all firsthand, and fresher than you’ve ever tasted it.

The pumpkin patch is cool, but you can also venture into the woods or to your local farmers’ market to find apples (along with apple donuts, pie and cider!), seasonal wines, pears, and all kinds of fresh vegetables, freshly harvested and out in full force. Attend a harvest festival with a friend to sample and splurge on all that California has to offer!

Experience the Ocean

Fall weather brings out a different side of the sea. Still beautiful, but with dark and foggy landscapes.

We recommend traveling to northern coastal spots like Humboldt, Big Sur and Monterey to get the full effect of California’s changing seasons. Plus, there is tons of cannabis history to be found in these areas, as long as one has the dedication to look for it!

Stay Healthy

Enjoying the autumn season is much harder when you’re in bed with a stuffed up head. Taking care of your wellness is essential if you want to partake in all the outdoor and social activities, without missing a beat.

Look into daily supplements you can take for immune support throughout the fall months, wash your hands frequently after being in crowded spaces, and of course, drink lots of water in order to keep your body well lubricated and prepared to fight off the season’s viruses.

Seek Warmth

Fall can be a busy time, balancing school, work, holidays, and of course personal health and wellness. Keeping warm can mean staying sane!

Make sure you don’t forget to indulge in moments of warmth and relaxation whenever possible. Hot drinks are more widely available this time of year, bringing comfort and positive vibes to those chilly mornings or evenings. And remember - one can never have too many cozy scarves or blankets.

Enjoy Cannabis

Nothing fills the crisp autumn air quite like the sweet vapor of cannabis! Plus, it’s the biggest harvest season for the outdoor growers. The dispensary shelves will be filled to the brim with all the best strains of the year - and perhaps even next year’s legends.

Whether uniting with your friends and a vape pen at an outdoor concert, or taking a pre-Thanksgiving dinner stroll with your closest cousins, a little cannabis can make any moment memorable.

We’re loving new fall products like Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea for these colder nights and
BeTru Wellness’s Comfort Body Butter for the dry skin (and aches and pains!) that come with changing seasons.

Visiting our beautiful Bay Area? Don’t forget to stop by Caliva, and consult with one of our friendly budtenders to fuel your fall fun.



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