The first thing you’ll notice about Dream Queen is an invigorating wave of sweet, fresh citrus. Fruity, candied aromas of orange and grapefruit absolutely radiate from this sativa-dominant hybrid - we’re talking some serious aromatherapy here, so go ahead, stick your face right into that show jar and breathe in deeply. Dream Queen’s also pretty aesthetically pleasing - its electric green buds are carpeted with bright orange hairs and THC-rich trichromes.

Cannabis lineage can be spotty at times, and depending who you ask, Dream Queen’s parentage may vary. Caliva’s Dream Queen is a Northern California original and descendant of two hybrids: Space Queen, and the now legendary strain Blue Dream.

close up of dream queen flower

Caliva Collection Dream Queen contains up to 22 percent THC. 

Our cultivation staff chose this strain for its fragrant terpene profile, THC content, yield, and balanced body/mind user experience. With a dreamlike heady high and slight body sedation, Dream Queen’s signature effects include mood elevation, increased sociability, anxiety relief, appetite stimulation and nausea relief.

Newer or first-time cannabis smokers will want to take their time with this one, as Caliva’s Dream Queen clocks in anywhere from 15 to 22 percent THC. We list the exact percentage of THC (and CBD) because we extensively test all of our in-house marijuana for quality and potency. At Caliva, what you see (and smell) is what you get.

Though a few puffs of Dream Queen can send you off into a cloud of pleasant daydreams, don’t let the name fool you; after a few passes around the circle, smokers will generally find themselves feeling euphoric and talkative - making Dream Queen perfect for group activities (and for those with slight social anxiety).  


Scenario 1: Weekend Cookout

Effects will always vary slightly among users, but many smokers report having serious munchies after consuming Dream Queen. So crank up the tunes, break out the potato salad, and pack up a bowl or two while the burgers are on the grill. Bonus points to whoever remembers the Bocce set!

Scenario 2: Mini-Golf Date

Try a little Dream Queen before setting out on the mini-links, because nothing screams “relaxing fun” like battling windmills and those ridiculous loop-de-loops. And let’s be real, your ball was probably going to end up in that water trap anyway - at least now you’ll laugh while you’re fishing it out. Winner gets greens on the next pipe!

Scenario 3: Painting Party

Your walls won’t paint themselves, but your friends might, with the right motivation. Try putting a green twist on the traditional painting party and bribe your friends with some pizza and Dream Queen. Semi-gloss has never looked so pretty!


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