The stigma against “lazy stoners” is fading fast. Are you part of the movement?

Today’s consumers are increasingly being revealed as active, athletic folks who are focused on using the plant for its wellness applications. The challenge is to find the right product and dosage to enhance the workout, rather than get in the way.

Why Try It?

At first, using cannabis as part of a workout plan might seem counterintuitive. For years, we have been led to believe that THC causes impairment and is inherently unsafe to use.

We now know that it is relatively safe, and in many cases can offer users a complete enhancement of the overall food and exercise experience.

There are a few key points to consider before trying a workout with cannabis. First, you will want to decide why you are consuming, when you would like to consume it, and what kind of products you will be picking up for the occasion.

Before the Workout

Lots of people use cannabis as their favorite pre-workout. Many claim that it synergizes the mind and body to work together more effectively, and helps them achieve that elusive “runner’s high” that comes with physical activity.

Taking a low dose before a workout can help to melt away stress or anxiety you might have, while getting you “into your body” and ready to focus on the fine movements required for your workout.

Running, yoga, and lifting weights are all popular workouts to try after a vape or edible. Everyone’s tolerance is a little different, but we recommend starting with a dosage of 5 to 10mg THC to avoid any impairment of your motor skills.

Flower is the traditional method of consumption for most, but for a healthy edge without the cough, we lean toward the vape. One of our favorite formulas is Caliva’s Day Dream for the Gio. It provides a clean taste of pine and citrus, along with a boost of THC to get you perfectly in the zone.


Cannabis can have even more amazing benefits for recovery when used after your workout, especially when it comes to CBD.

The known neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it perfect for athletes of all ability levels. It helps to keep your nervous system balanced, reduce swelling, and may even help to heal injuries faster. On the other hand, THC can help relax the muscles, relieve pain quickly, and also help you get that much-needed sleep after your most demanding activities.

Combining THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio is your best bet for optimal rest and muscle recovery. We recommend our Caliva Lavender vape pod for the Gio. It’s rich in the relaxing terpene linalool, which gives off a smooth herbal lavender flavor, and also provides a balanced ratio of CBD to THC.

Topicals are also great for athletes to have around the house and in the gym bag. Topical creams and balms can provide targeted pain relief, while medicated epsom salt soaks provide full-body relaxation. We love Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm or Releaf 1:3 Body Soak for easing any post-workout aches and pains.

Ready to start your cannabis and fitness journey? Stop by our San Jose location and ask our friendly budtenders about their favorite wellness rituals - or, place an easy delivery order to get Caliva on demand.

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