To put it simply, when you microdose you’re not really high, but you’re never low. Think of it as a pep in your step rather than total lift-off, it’s a motivator, and the ultimate fuel for the enhancement smoker type.

It’s 2018 and marijuana use is becoming more legal and mainstream. Thanks to an evolving public opinion and state legislation following suit, the stoner of recent years are being joined by more diverse compatriots. Some of whom want to join the fun, but don’t want to go to a dinner party and not be able to string a sentence together. Microdosing is the wave of the future and the mellow vibes we could all use.

The measurability of THC levels has long belonged to the medical community, most patients are prescribed low doses to alleviate symptoms but without getting high. For all of you recreational users, “microdosing” may not get you high, but it’s not without benefits. Microdose THC levels range from 2.5-10mg and whether you're a connoisseur of high THC flower or cannabis curious, these lower THC levels can fit into your daily life in fun new ways. Let Caliva be your guide…

Situation 1: Errands, chores, or any day of boring and time-consuming tasks. Pairs well with: Beboe Pastilles (5 mg THC, 3 mg CBD)

Beboe Pastilles 5mg THC, 3mg CBD

All edibles in California cannot exceed 10mg THC per serving and 100mg THC per package. BEBO pastilles make a microdosing easy. Take one before you head out to the errand run; groceries, dry cleaning, taking out the trash and even helping your aunt with her Ancestry.com project become fun. They have 5mg of THC and 3 mg of CBD which means you’ll sail through your to-do list, but without forgetting anything.

Situation 2: A local concert. Pairs well with: Toasties (10-14mg THC)

Caliva Toasties Classic pre-rolls

Toasties are one of Caliva’s signature pre-rolls. They come in packs of five and have about 10mg of THC. Their discreet nature camouflage you as a cigarette smoker and for the first time in forever, that's not a bad thing. So your neighbor invited you to his buddy’s show and you like your neighbor so why not? Before you guys head into the show you share a Toastie and it’s mellow vibes all around. The band isn’t bad, your neighbor is, as always, hilarious and it’s a great time!

Situation 3: Hiking. Pairs well with: Kiva’s Petra Mints (2.5 mg THC)

Kiva Petra Mints

Petra Mints are a fantastic product to dip your toe in the cannabis pool and a wonderful addition to your hiking day pack. Pop one before you hit the trail and you won’t even complain as you ascend a peak or traverse the desert. Getting high means so many more things to the active microdoser!

Situation 4: A party where you only know like, two people. Pairs well with : Beboe vape pen

Beboe Rose Gold Vape Pen

The rose gold Beboe vape pen is more of a luxury accessory than a smoking device. This celeb favorite is 42.33% THC, 3.86% CBD (most vape pens are 70% THC and up!), and perfect for your pocket at any event. One hit before you walk in and suddenly your conversation goes from boring small talk to, “Yes sir, I did notice that amazing pair of vintage Nikes you’re wearing and yes, I’d love to discuss the evolution of the Air Max with you!”

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