Are you a fan of microdosing? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you.

In the past, microdosing cannabis was only really possible with a few drops from a tincture, a low-dose edible, or a tiny pull from a vaporizer. But now, Caliva is excited to share something new we’ve developed for the cannabis microdosing community.

Introducing our teeniest, tiniest, nearly microscopic pre-roll. Not only will this petite pre-roll (or 20!) fit perfectly in your pocket, it’s sure to provide a quick pick-me-up in 10 seconds or less. One puff, two puffs, maybe three if you’re lucky... and just like that, you’re finished.

It's our new favorite way to microdose this April.

Just a reminder: It’s April 1st… and you know that means, right? Happy April Fool’s Day! Now, although these teeny-tiny pre-rolls may not really exist, we recommend Toasties, our low dose solos (approx. 8% THC), or — for a slightly bigger bite — try our mini pre-rolls, Dogwalkers, (approx. 19% THC).

If you’re interested in other microdosing options, try Petra Moroccan Mints (2.5 MG THC per mint), Kiva Camino Gummies or Kiva Terra Blueberries for 5 MG THC per serving.

Share this video with your friends for a 420-friendly April Fools Day laugh. Then pass the pre-roll.

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