Cannabis is a renowned aphrodisiac, used by young and old folks alike to enhance all types of sexual experiences. In the right amount, marijuana can relax the mind and body, enhance senses like touch and increase arousal - all great for improving your sexual encounters.

We’ve reviewed some of the best marijuana strains for couples and sex, but that’s flower, and California residents also love their vapes. The advantages to vaping leave little wonder as to why marijuana oil cartridge sales jumped in 2017.


When you vape cannabis oil, there’s no ash, no bowl or roach to carry, minimal smell (and certainly none that lingers, like the classic “weed smell”), no flames or burning cherry to deal with - just screw in a cartridge and you’re ready to go.

Charging a pen is as easy as charging your phone. Even 10-15 minutes should be enough - cannabis oil is a concentrate, so the THC levels are higher, meaning you’ll need very little to feel very good. So go ahead and plug it in on the way home from the dispensary...and you should be going to the dispensary, as part of the fun of mixing sex and marijuana is picking out the strains that work best for you and your partner(s).

Basically, vaping is easy, can be done discreetly and really showcases the full flavor and aroma of cannabis terpenes. So we decided to merge the convenience of vaping with strains of the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac to create two distinct yet relaxing moods: meet Afternoon Delight and Pillow Talk.


Set the mood right with a little Afternoon Delight

The Starland Vocal Band wouldn’t know what hit ‘em after a few pulls of our Afternoon Delight. A mix of sweet, earthy flavors, Afternoon Delight sets a laid-back tone for any activity - whether you’re engaging in a little mental foreplay in the streets or already getting busy in the sheets.

Cannaseurs may recognize the familiar taste and scents of GSC, Afternoon Delight’s base strain. True to its parents, this hybrid helps crush stress and offers a pleasant body high with heady cerebral effects. Take off your shoes (for starters) and let the long day slide right off your shoulders like a sensual massage. Or, tear it all off and sneak in a quickie before the kids get home.

As Afternoon Delight is an indica-dominant hybrid, we suggest starting off your session with only one or two puffs from your pen. More than that and you risk overshooting the mark from “take the edge off” right into “take a nap”. Save that for after the Pillow Talk...


Enhance the mood or have a post-coital puff on Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is our full indica vape oil, derived from one of the best cannabis strains for sex, Granddaddy Purple (GDP). Pillow Talk’s GDP roots are on full display here - a couple of draws will quickly have you relaxed but still sensitive to touch, open to new sensations, and ready for fusing of body and mind.

The dosing rules for Pillow Talk are the same as Afternoon Delight - more than a few hits and you could end up catching a few Z’s instead of getting some action. That said, much like the name indicates, Pillow Talk also makes a great substitute for the ol’ after-sex cigarette, with its perfect mix of body high and dreamy buzz. Let the sweet taste of berries and grapes help you unclench your toes and relax those blissfully spent muscles.

So, whether you want to get a little freaky in the daylight, or wait until night to dance intimately in the dark, let Afternoon Delight and Pillow Talk be your sensual guides. The pleasure is at your fingertips.

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