Letters to Mary Jane, by La Kia Gooch

During Black History Month, influential voices in the Black Community will express their gratitude for Marijuana and how the plant is improving their lives. We hope you enjoy the "Letters to Mary Jane" series, curated by Caliva guest editor Lyneisha Watson.

Letters to Mary Jane

By La Kia Gooch

Dearest Queen Mother Mary,

Your Royal ‘Highest’, how your beauty manifests? Let me count the ways. 

My understanding of your wit and wisdom is new, however our entanglement began long before birth. The way you slid that Endocannabinoid System in... wheeewww Chiiild! 

Though we became acquainted later in life, our journey began with an innate connection because you reminded me how to love myself unapologetically.

It took a life or death experience to make me realize you are the Savior I never knew I needed because you taught me what true healing is. Long before there was a name for the opioid crisis, you were building a buzz. As I was fading away into a pharmaceutical induced trance, my doctors whispered your honey-soaked name in my ear and encouraged me to consider allowing your healing touch to ease my pain. 

And today, I can say THANK YOU Queen Mother Mary for replacing my ignorance with education. You expanded my understanding of you, and showed me that I am meant to Teach and spread your gospel. 

Queen Mother, there is an entire community of patients, advocates, families, and fur babies committed to your healing ways. Whether we are meeting over tea infused with Green Goddess Honey, meditating, raising our vibrations, summoning our ancestors, or helping each other learn to better manage our health and wellness, your healing hands are felt in every part of the cannabis community. 

You have given all of yourself for the betterment of the World. Your family tree lives on in me — it grows and thrives in we.  

Defiant and Resilient, Queen Mother your force is timeless. You allow your seeds to speak boldly for you as we spread your inspiration across the globe. 

You taught me how to create generational wealth. I am merely the youngest daughter born to a family of seers. You have helped me uncover generations of secrets veiled by religion and nobility. And your magic is truly forging the way for a future filled with beautiful Young Black Kings and Queens who are healed in your name.

Your colors are sheer magic. You have the brilliance of a star. 

You helped open up my soul so that I could stop listening to my music and finally hear it. Queen Mother, I saw Purple Haze with my ears as I kissed the sky for the very first time, over and over again. 

I’ve learned to appreciate my own growth. 

How did you become so comfortable with your masculinity that you were capable of evolving into the divine feminine with no ego in sight? Your resilience is a constant reminder that if you STAND Tall long enough, you can withstand droughts, famine, war, and prohibition. I am so thankful that your great healing power is no longer hidden from the masses.

Today, I sing your praise.  

Warmest Regards,

La Kia A. Gooch



About La Kia Gooch

A woman with hands on her shoulders

La Kia Gooch aka Illuzionz O’Grandeur is a Muscular Dystrophy patient who advocates for MMJ. iLLz is also the President of Delaware NORML Women's Alliance where she leads the charge for better MMJ practices in the state. A natural creative, Illuzionz has successfully launched 2 podcasts: Medical Militia Radio and Twice Baked. She is also working with the Oregon legislature to pass a law for domestic trade in the US, which would create a prominent MMJ market for Delaware patients.

Most importantly, she is a mother, fiancé, sister, and daughter from Wilmington, DE focused on changing the way patients who need education gain access.

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