How to Purchase Marijuana Legally in California

Remember over a year ago when marijuana was voted to become recreationally legal in California? Oh right! Yes! That proposition did pass. What happened? Can we buy weed now without a doctor’s recommendation?

The simple answer is yes. Many dispensaries in California are set to open their doors on January 1, 2018. Get yourself out of bed and get on down to your local pot shop! We are MAKING HISTORY!

Use this handy link to look up what’s happening in your city!

Worried about what the rules are, what you’ll need to bring, and what to expect?

We’ve got you covered!


ID Icon

Get your government issued ID (Driver's License or Passport work!)


Cash Icon

Get some cash! (Most dispensaries are cash only. Also, do you really want this charge visible on your statement?)


House Icon

Figure out if you want to leave your house or order delivery (YES! Just like your pizza, you can order your weed and have it delivered right to your front door!). Or get out the house! Many dispensaries are celebrating this historic event with awesome events. 


Cannabis Icon

Figure out what you want to buy.

There’s a limit for recreational customers:

•28.5 grams = 1 ounce of non-concentrated cannabis in a single day

•8 grams of concentrated cannabis

•6 immature cannabis plants (check your city’s regulations as some municipalities differ on this law)

Still got your Rec card? You can buy up to 8 ounces... Stock up. Winter is here. 



Pre Roll and Bong Icon

Enjoy! It’s legal!

Wait! Is anyone going to know what I bought? Like is there a list of pot smokers? Not really. Your information is safer than it is on Amazon or Facebook, so chill. Even more chill if you use cash. 

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