Feeling inflamed and in pain? Perhaps that’s why you’ve turned to cannabis.

Above all else, inflammation is one of the leading causes of chronic health issues. Both body and mind can be affected, and if not addressed, the side effects can compound, causing joint pain and swelling, headaches, and, worst of all, mental stress or full-blown anxiety.

The traditional solution has been to pop an over-the-counter pill to feel “normal” again. However, we’d like to think that society is evolving, and learning that holistic and preventive solutions are just as good, if not better, at treating inflammation.

Use the following tips to stay one step ahead of your symptoms. 


How intuitive are you when it comes to your diet? Knowing what foods will nourish you, and which will promote inflammation, is the first (and possibly toughest) lesson in overcoming chronic issues with your wellness. 

Some of your favorite foods and treats might actually be putting stress on your body. Avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup like the plague, and say no to processed meats and cheeses at your usual fast food joint. It’s worth adding that drinking alcohol in excess is one of the biggest causes of inflammation among young adults - so practice moderation if you enjoy a drink once in a while.

Aside from conscious food decisions, staying hydrated is a major factor in preventing inflammation. Water is essential to keeping the body lubricated, and you can really never sip too much in one day, especially if you’ve eaten or drank something you shouldn’t have.

Nobody is perfect, but making those steps to be healthier is easier when you have a goal of pain or stress relief!


Did you know that when you are sleep deprived, the negative side effects just keep piling on? 

One good night won’t fix it, either. Every time you pull a late nighter, it takes even more sleep than you missed in order to help your body “catch up.” Make it a habit, and your body and mind will flip into desperation mode - indefinitely.

Sleep is the only time that the systems of your body can quit firing on all cylinders. By keeping them awake, you put stress on everything you need to survive, which can contribute to inflammation deep inside your body that can be very difficult to heal.

Nighttime workouts are great for those who “never get tired.” Start tweaking your bedtime now to get the optimal number of hours, and if you have trouble staying asleep through the night, it can be helpful to try a noise machine to help you zone out and get the z’s you need. 


Staying healthy, loose and symptom-free is something that cannabis can help with too. Our budtenders typically recommend supplementing your current favorites with CBD for a relaxing, anti-inflammatory effect. 

CBD can be an awesome regulator for the nervous system, but it’s no cure. Without focusing on the other tenets of a healthy lifestyle, you will not achieve your best results.

Of course, there is always room for experimentation with cannabis products, but that’s what makes it so fun! You can have a chilled-out CBD vape experience with our Caliva 3:1 Lavender Gio Pod, or try a routine that includes applying topicals to the skin (we like Papa & Barkley’s ReLeaf Balms & Patches).

No matter what products you choose, we are glad you’re here, and are thrilled to help you on the next step of your wellness journey.


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