Though there is scant research on its effectiveness, thousands of people have been using cannabis to ease anxiety for years. Now, it’s legal and available to so many more people who are seeking relief. We’re here to provide support for you if you’ve been thinking about trying it.

Each day brings new challenges. You may not be able to “cure” your anxiety with cannabis, but you can use it wisely! Here’s how it works:


Smoking a joint does more than help you spend a relaxing time with your friends. On a physiological level, it’s doing a lot to keep anxiety at bay.

THC is a vasodilator, and depending on the strain, can help calm the body and relax the muscles, which can be helpful in relieving painful internal stress. It also tends to take your mind off the mundane details of your day, which never hurts either!

CBD, however, acts almost like a protective barrier surrounding your brain and nervous system. It also helps soothe inflammation over time. Since inflammation is a big trigger for anxiety, CBD is a perfect daily supplement to aid in keeping your brain happy and your mood regulated.

For most people, a balance of both THC and CBD is best for controlling anxiety. Terpenes - the chemical compounds that give cannabis its awesome scents - make a big difference too. Our 3:1 CBD Gio Pod is packed with linalool, the main terpene in lavender plants, so it will provide you with a deep relaxing sensation along with great flavor.

Whatever type of product you choose, be sure to document each day’s regimen and feelings in a journal, so you can tell what is working for you.


When talking about cannabis and anxiety, it’s important to acknowledge those who experience sensations of paranoia or panic when using THC products. Many people avoid trying cannabis again, because of an episode that happened earlier in their life.

If cannabis relieves anxiety, then why do some people have such symptoms when they try it?

We stand with you! It’s true that high doses of THC can trigger paranoia and even some uncomfortable physical symptoms such as nausea, headache and sweating.

Our best advice is to always start small - whether it’s one puff, or a tiny corner of your edible. Think of it as a “test run” for how you will feel later. Always wait at least a half hour before adding more cannabis to the mix.


If you are seeking out cannabis products to treat general anxiety, there are a few guidelines to follow. These will help you have a positive cannabis experience, and avoid triggering that pesky paranoia.

For those with intense or persistent anxiety symptoms, it’s always a good idea to see a therapist or a psychologist to ensure proper mental health.

One thing you never have to feel anxiety about? Caliva.

Whether swinging by our store for a talk with one of our skilled budtenders, ordering a quick and convenient delivery, or picking up our products from your favorite nearby retailer, you can trust us to show you a fun, stress-free day.

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