Most pot fans understand that cannabis alters sensory perception, in a most excellent way. A sniff of pine in a suburban yard could suddenly transport the high gardener to a vast mountain forest. That slice of pizza? It was the best she ever tasted. No question. Sound, touch, vision, taste, smell — all of it becomes adorned with awesomeness post-consumption.

But science, too, backs up the good vibes. One study on mice, for example, found that high mice experienced smell and taste more than others, which led to the munchies. Said Dr. Lester Grinspoon: “There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges.”

Sex involves all of our senses at once — probably no other activity is as sensory all-inclusive as sex. And unless you are “M” with those spontaneous orgasms, the whole experience hinges on a perfect storm of sensory pleasures. With its ability to magnify senses, cannabis not only is a natural orgasm aid, but orgasm enricher. And substances that dampen senses, like alcohol? They may lower inhibitions in such a way that people engage with sex. But we all know that too often it’s sloppy, forgettable and regrettable. And the orgasm part of the equation often never quite happens.


Anxiety is a huge orgasm deflater; anything that ratchets-down the anxiety during sex can help ripen the all-important orgasm. And cannabis can play an important role in mellowing, if not eliminating, anxiety. But unlike pot’s dependable role in heightening senses, things are more complicated with marijuana and anxiety.

For some people, cannabis can actually boost anxiety and paranoia. The trick, for many people, is finding the right strain. Those higher in CBD, like Hurkle and Harlequin, tend to promote anxiety relief and are especially helpful for people who become anxious after they toke. For most pot enthusiasts, though, lessening anxiety is one of the reasons they consume — it sinks the shoulders after tough days at work, turns days at the beach into pools of relaxation, and yes, helps sex partners worry less about things like performance and, instead, just savor the fun and enjoy that boosted orgasm.

Said Ian Kerner, a sex therapist, to Men’s Health: “Edibles or smoking marijuana can definitely have a positive effect on sexual inhibition. It can help people’s anxiety melt away and achieve orgasms they’ve never had before.”

Close up view of a nug of Hurkle CBD cannabis flower

Cannabis strains higher in CBD, like Hurkle, can help reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation. - two keys to achieving orgasm.


Bring about an orgasm sometimes seems more like conjuring a spell — some mysterious combination of environment, frisson, stimulation and who knows what else all comes together to roll eyes back in heads. Like anxiety, distractions — thoughts about work problems, the laundry that needs folding, the next day’s planned bike ride — are the enemies of orgasms. Orgasms usually happen only when partners truly are dwelling within the moment, and distraction-free.

Remember how you studied that ant hill one time, while stoned, for an hour — utterly lost to the wonders of their back-and-forths? Or the stoned run down the long slope on the snowboard, when you felt at one with the mountain and snow? Cannabis can precipitate profound feelings of harmony with the moment — a powerful ally in the quest not only for orgasms, but for mind-blowing orgasms. In addition, the carpe-diem effect tends to slow down our perception of time, which is fabulous for orgasms — those already supercharged-with-weed orgasms seem longer while high.

Silouette of man and woman kissing


With anxiety tamped-down, the senses ramped-up and the living-in-the-moment feeling going full throttle, another important part of the sex and orgasm equation often emerges among high couples — they feel closer to each other. This, of course, really matters when it comes to lovemaking. No volume of lube, incense, sex toys or any other trappings of getting into the mood will make a difference if the partners feel distant.


Possibly the highlight of all of this great marijuana and orgasms news is that not only does marijuana help bring about orgasms and make them even more amazing — it also can lead to multiple orgasms. A big match.com study found that “people who are open to marijuana use” report multiple orgasms at a rate more than twice those who (for who knows what reason) reject our favorite plant. It’s time to hop on the high train, haters! Your orgasms are counting on you!

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