Give A Caliva Canna-Gram To Your 2021 Valentine


Remember those adorable candy-grams you would slip in your crush’s Valentine’s Day shoebox mailbox? We’re throwing it back with a cannabis twist with the debut of the Caliva Canna-Gram.

Follow the 4 steps below to create your own Canna-Gram for the Caliva Pre-Roll of your choice. Then share with your BFF (or current kush)!

Step 1:

Fold along solid lines to form the spine of your Canna-gram.

Fold along the solid lines to create the spine of your Canna-Gram. (Pro tip: Fold outwards to follow the guide and then back inwards after Step 2.)

Step 2:

Use an Exato knife and cut along the dotted lines.

Pop out the slit with your thumb.

Make sure to start with a small cut and make bigger if necessary.

Fold your Canna-Gram so the pink heart is facing outwards. (Either fold line works to start.) Cut along each dashed line. Start with a small cut. Switch to the second fold and make another small cut. (Pro tip: You can cut more, but not less! See how the pre-roll or pre-roll tube fits in the slits before cutting more.)


Insert a preroll in the Canna-gram for your best bud.

Write a love note! Use the blank space on the inside of your card to tell your Valentine how they’re your best bud.


A completed Canna-gram.

Fold the card so the heart is on the inside. Slip the pre-roll into the slit in the middle of the heart. Then share with your best bud!

STEP 5 (Bonus: Make your own!)

Too many buds to choose from? Lucky you! For the DIY-ers out there, we made some bonus Canna-Grams, each with their own cheeky greeting! Simply print, fold, and cut for your very own custom Caliva Canna-Gram.

Download here

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