Gifts for the Hypebeast in Your Life

By Karlina Guerra

Figuring out what to get the hypebeast cuties nearest and dearest to us is no easy task. However easy it may be to spot one in the wild, their tastes can be elusive: subject to change yet, in their own way, highly consistent. Unless you spend all day either scrolling Grailed, checking StockX, or studying your beast with the intensity of a PhD candidate in Anthropology, it’s never clear where your gift falls on the hype meter from one season to another. 

While we can’t really help you find the hottest drip, we can point you in the direction of the dankest bud to please the headiest of boys. (An added bonus: As most items are available for purchase online, you won’t even have to wait in line for them to drop) 

Gifts Under $50 

A glistening round of live rosin badder from West Coast Cure.

West Coast Cure - Live Resin Badder - Apple Fritter

$20 - 1g Live resin badder

Think of West Coast Cure’s Live Resin Badder as the whipped butter of cannabis concentrates–soft in texture but thick ROI. In Apple Fritter, this is about the closest cannasseurs get to small-batch apple butter with none of its stickiness. Unlike apple butter however, this concentrate is extracted from freshly frozen cannabis, a method that retains the flower’s original terpene profile by bypassing the drying and curing stages that are central to other extractive processes. 

One can of Artet's mango ginger spritz displayed in front of the 4-pack, colorfully decorated.

Artet - 4 Pack Aperitif Mixed Beverage - Mango Ginger Spritz

$20 - 4 cans with 20mg THC and 20mg CBD each

A fizzy pre-made spritz for your Ghia-loving California sober friend. Infused with botanicals and live resin from a single strain, Artet’s aperitif delivers all the “spirit” without any of the (alcoholic) “spirit.” Fresh mango juice, ginger beer, lime, and tropical spices layer citrus notes on top of a complex profile made up of ginger, juniper, cardamom to kick up the sparkling mules up a notch or two. 

A single cigarette with googly eyes leans against a flourescent green pack, also with the same googly eyes - cannabis menthol smokes from Pure Beauty.

Pure Beauty - Menthol Cannabis Cigarettes - Hybrid Blend

$38 - Five pre-rolls with total 3.5g of 24% THC 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Pure Beauty’s hot neon packaging is guaranteed to catch the eye of all the most discerning beholders. Known for their collabs with luxury-streetwear labels like Aries, Pure Beauty’s menthol cannabis pre-rolls may not be an exact replacement for Newports, but with 100% whole flower, it’s an upgrade on many levels. 

A jar of Caliva's Limited Harvest: An eighth of Hibachi flower, the nug on full display.

Caliva - Hibachi 

$40 - An eighth-ounce of flower with 29% THC

Crush the competition by throwing in Caliva’s hottest indica cultivar with any of the elaborate delivery methods we dropped below. Its main terpenes, Limonene and Linalool, deliver a bright citrus profile that hits hard and releases into a rich, buttery smoke. Guava notes on the pull give way to a fragrant, cinnamon flavor and finishes with a tart berry zinger to round out the flower’s richness. 

A golden handled knife meant for precisely unloaded concentrates used for dabbing.

Puffco - Hot Knife 

$49 - Electronic heated loading tool for concentrates

Those who dab know the struggle of getting your oil into the bowl without the mess cramping your style. This Puffco Hot Knife, beloved by dabbers, keeps the sticky stuff in check with a button that drops your oil off with the precision of a lab pipette in just three seconds. If your heady boy doesn’t already have one in their arsenal, we assure you it’s on their wishlist. 

Gifts Under $100

Jay-Z's Monogram line of high-end cannabis -- this time, the OG Handroll, which is full of 1.5g flower all on its own.

Monogram - No.1 - OG HANDROLL Heavy 

$50 - One 1.5g handroll with 27.5% THC

Ever see Rick Ross or Jay-Z smoke a cigar and think, “If only this spliff I rolled looked that fire”? Well, you’re in luck. The OG HANDROLL from Jay-Z’s very own Monogram line has you covered. Designed by DeAndre Watson and crafted by expertly trained artisans to give you the smoke experience of a premium cigar–without the gnarly tobacco–the OG burns slowly and allows you to spread the bud across multiple sessions. You can also flex over these being limited to 2 per customer per day. 

A glass bottle of graffiti-writing that says Ganja: Comme des Garcons' recent subversive scent.

Comme des Garçons - Ganja 

$54 - 30ml Eau de parfum

Bring ya boi back to the exquisitely curated rooms of Dover Street Market with this bottle of Comme des Garçons’ Ganja. While the scent definitely lives up to its name, the black pepper and cumin notes give the fragrance a little kick—and help it smell fresh in all senses of the word. 

Laundry Day's chrome pipe, which looks sleek and sculptural.

Laundry Day - Charlotte Pipe in Chrome 

$68 - Borosilicate glass pipe with chrome finish

This is not your Birkenstock-wearing, granola-eating weed pipe that you got in high school from the headshop around the corner. All Laundry Day pipes are sure to please the grown up SSENSE VIPs in your life but the chrome on their Charlotte pipe will definitely get them hyped up fr. 

All Gas No Brakes: Gifts Under $1000

A Memphis-inspired Yves Klein Blue ceramic bong from Summerland.

Summerland - The Land Yacht Bong

$275 - Ceramic bong with food-safe glaze and silicone grommet

With its monochrome, opaque finish, Summerland’s THE LAND YACHT bong gives more art object than weed instrument. Next to Laundry Day’s Charlotte pipe, this Instagram-friendly number will make the crib feel a little homier and grown up. Perfect for bringing the date over before busting out some yacht rock. 😜

Looking awfully high-tech, this gravity infuser from Stundenglass is all borosilicate glass and shiny metal.

Stündenglass - Kompact Gravity Infuser 

$599 - Gravity infuser complete set with travel case

Mesmerize the techier strains of hypebeasts with this gravity infuser that kinetically activates your flower using opposing airflow technology, borosilicate glass globes, and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. If you retain none of this information, just know this elegant thing is scientifically designed to give your pal the smoothest, most consistent vape draws you can get on the market. 

Karlina Guerra is a writer who lives in Los Angeles with her temperamental chihuahua. You can reach her by e-mail at [email protected].

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