Edibles never seem to fail when it comes to a fun and enjoyable cannabis experience. With so many different kinds to try—sodas, mints, cookies, tea, chocolate—it seems the occasion is always right to try out a new one (or go back to an old fave). Speaking of fresh—although not a  prince from Bel-Air—we have a brand new edible we’re launching that we’d like to introduce you to. Say hello to our Deli Nickels Gummies. 


Deli Nickels are Caliva’s first edibles launch!

We’ve always carried your favorite edibles, like Big Pete’s Treats cookies, Kikoko tea, and Kiva chocolate bars, but we’re proud to announce that Deli Nickels are our first edible launch! You’ve always trusted Caliva for your top-notch cannabis flower, pre-roll, vape and wellness products, and we couldn’t be more excited for this product to join our plant-based wellness offerings. If you haven’t tried out cannabis before, or are just looking for a new cannabis experience, gummies are a fantastic way to go. 

Deli Nickels are incredibly convenient, since you guessed it, they’re about the size and proportion of a U.S. nickel. This makes them easy to pack up in a baggie or pouch and allow you to go about your day. Take them anywhere, and feel free to enjoy them exactly when you need them. It’s not always the right occasion to smoke flower and vapes aren't always discreet, which is why these edibles are the ideal discreet cannabis opportunity. Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, you could use them for a low-key evening in, or for when you need a boost of energy throughout your day. 

These gummy edibles are a great way to control your dose too—each Nickel contains 5 mg of THC, so they’re easy to split into a couple 2.5 mg microdoses or consume incrementally depending on your tolerance. Talk about a convenient way to just take the edge off a little. There’s a fruity flavor and THC from species-specific full-spectrum oil to match any need. Pop ‘em in and allow the fun to begin.


Feel like a dime piece in no time

These delicious gummies come in four fun flavors that are a perfect blend of sweetness mixed with a burst of fruit flavor (kinda reminds you of a Gusher!).  No matter the type of cannabis experience you’re after, there’s a Deli Nickels for that, and with 5 mg of THC per gummy round, it’s easy to find the appropriate dose you’re after. Choose from four delightful flavors:

  • Mixed Berry. If you like the bursting sweetness that reminds you of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, then this berrylicious flavor is for you. This edible flavor is the way to go for low-key vibes that come with indica strains, so when you’re feeling a chill experience, just pull out this bag when the time is right. These gummies are perfect for early evening walks or relaxing in bed to your favorite playlists. We can feel the chill mood coming on already.
  • Passionfruit. If you’re passionate for something tropical right now, then this juicy flavor is just waiting for you to enjoy. When you try out one of these yummy gummies, you’ll be blown away by the tart yet sweet aftertaste these little friends leave. The hybrid cannabis used with Passionfruit is meant to leave you in a chipper and upbeat mood. These gummies are sure to be the start of a fun time, and will leave you up for anything. Whether that’s a fun day in the sun or just hitting up a friend’s BBQ.


DELI by Caliva

Nickels - Mixed Berry Gummy Rounds100mg THC   2mg CBD$15.00/Unit


DELI by Caliva

Nickels - Passionfruit Gummy Rounds100mg THC   2mg CBD$15.00/Unit

  • Mango. For an intense burst of sweet fruity flavor, Mango is your go-to gummy of choice. A delightful taste of the tropics is headed your way when you pack these edibles along for the ride. Feel the island vibes with this hybrid strain and be prepared for an engaged and bright experience you’ll want to have again and again. Mango edibles are great for when you want to show your creative side, so go ahead and jam out on your guitar or finish your next masterpiece. Are you ready to mango for a tango in your mouth?
  • Sour Green Apple. Yup we did it. We went ahead and made a fruity cannabis edible packed with the intense tart taste of sour green apple. If this is your favorite flavor of Blow-pop then you’re in for an extra special treat. Take these sativa edibles along when you’re looking to conquer that hike you have planned, or are up for showing off your new dance moves (audience not required). Packed full of the tart flavor you love, these are going to make you pucker!


DELI by Caliva

Nickels - Mango Gummy Rounds100mg THC   2mg CBD$15.00/Unit


DELI by Caliva

Nickels - Sour Apple Gummy Rounds100mg THC   2mg CBD$15.00/Unit

Unleash an extra dose of fun with your cannabis vibe and go ahead and enjoy these delightful gummies. Their intense flavors and just the right amount of THC will have you feelin’ like a dime piece.

High quality + affordable gummies? We’ve got you covered. 

Gummy edibles are popular because they have that classic gummy burst of flavor, and just the right dose of cannabis so you can choose what kind of effect you want. Depending on what flavor you’re feeling, you have the option for anything from a chill to a bright cannabis experience. Did we also mention that they’re incredibly affordable? With each Deli Nickels bag priced at $15/pouch, you’ll have a tough time finding more bang for your buck. Can’t choose a flavor? No worries, grab a couple of pouches and see which one is your favorite.

These are the most affordable gummy option on our menu, and with 20 Nickels included in each pouch, they’re a real steal of a deal. Just the right price for just the right kind of deliciously fruity gummy. We think these might turn into your new go-to edible. And with a spectrum of flavor and cannabis species cues to choose from, you’re always going to get the kind of high you’re looking for.

Inside every yummy round there’s an intensely fruity flavor mixed with 5mg of THC in each Nickel. They’re oh so deliciously chewy and contain full-spectrum cannabis oil (indica, hybrid, or sativa) that gives you the kind of experience you’re looking for—from chill to chipper. Full-spectrum cannabis oil, as opposed to distillate THC, is known for providing a richer terpene profile and entourage effect, giving you the opportunity to steer your mindset towards a calm or uplifting high—depending on your mood!  We only include natural flavors in these Nickels, but the goodness doesn’t stop there. There’s only 15 calories and 1-2 grams of sugar in each round, and they have a great texture that give you the chewability you'd expect from a classic gummy!


Caliva strives to make plant-based wellness accessible through high quality products

At Caliva, we want people to lead happier and healthier lives—and strongly believe that plant-based wellness should be accessible to all. That’s why we work incredibly hard to ensure that all of our cannabis products meet the highest standards possible, and put good vibes and positive energy into all that we do. We can sum it up like we’ve done before: Happy Plants, Happy People. 

It is important to us that cannabis wellness options are available to anyone who seeks them out, and it’s the reason why we feel so passionate about all the products we carry. You can tell the difference when you use one of the products we have in-store or online—whether that’s a Deli Nickel, Fresh Flower Vape, pre-roll, or All Over Body Recovery Lotion, we’re constantly seeking sustainable ways to bring the community a variety of first-rate cannabis options.

There’s a deep sense of connection with plant-based wellness—between the community, our products, and our people—because we truly operate a seed-to-sale supply chain. Ensuring we’re involved with every step of the process means we are committed to guaranteeing the needs of our customers are met. It’s important to us that cannabis is available to everyone—and in a variety of different forms. That’s why we’re constantly innovating new products—like our Deli Nickels—that offer a little something for everyone. Feeling like a pop of delicious fruit flavor? Then the Deli Nickels are a convenient and fun option right up your alley. A diverse field of plant-based choices means that we can reach even more people, and help them find their happy. 

It’s easy to get your hands on these delicious and affordable gummy edibles—for pickup or delivery— at or at our dispensary. One bite into one of the Deli Nickels will have you feelin’ like a dime piece in no time. 

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