Cuffing Season: Can Cannabis Help You Cuddle and Connect?

By Celia Lopez

We all know that the need for coziness during winter months not only influences hot beverage sales, it also marks the time when scores of people across the country embark on the great journey of finding a special someone (or more) to cozy up to. 

Whether you're looking for a long-term lover or tending to more carnal desires, what better way to warm things up than to incorporate cannabis into all the fun activities that cuffing season invites?

CBD, the Key to Connection

Research shows that cannabis, in its many forms, has the ability to turn on our largest sexual organ: the brain. And for those of us touched by the seasonal blues that come with shorter and colder days, this may be the ideal remedy. 

It's no gimmick that sparking a joint signifies a certain luxurious chillness; researchers have shown that cannabidiol (CBD) can serve as an anxiolytic, reducing anxiety without changing overall mood by activating the endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors found primarily in the central and peripheral nervous systems. 

Interestingly, these cannabinoid receptors are also found in the sex organs, lending themselves to function as strategic tools to navigate any of the unwanted stress of dating app life.

Pleasure is Flower Power

And what does the research say about what may go on between the sheets? There is a positive correlation between cannabis use and frequency of sex, likely due in part to the effect it has on libido and the experience of pleasure. 

In one qualitative study of participants who used cannabis in conjunction with sexual activity, a statistical majority described an increase in their touch-experience and a greater intensity to their orgasms. Need more reason to spark that jay?

Don't Take Our Word for It: Practice Makes Perfect

The research shows that cannabis is a powerful aphrodisiac that can promote anti-inflammation and circulation. We don't need to spell the latter out for you, but with the right low dose product, you may be feeling more than up to having optimal, consensual romantic activity. 

So whether you're enjoying some important private flower time while practicing your slickest pick-up lines before a first date or sensually trying a new extra-special lube with a partner, we have the goods for you!

Top Picks to Turn Up the Heat


Kiva Confections' Petra line of cannabis-infused mints - 2.5mg THC per Moroccan Mint flavored serving.

Kiva - Petra Mints

No need to go garlic free on your dinner date if you have these low-dose THC green tea and peppermint mints in your pocket — maybe you'll even feel compelled to kiss the chef!


A jar of Caliva's premium indoor flower - the strain is Watermelon Sorbet, a special hybrid.

Caliva - Watermelon Sorbet

The relaxing, perennial summer vibe of this flower will melt the ice of winter and get the heat going between lovers, and you can tell us what that watermelon sugar is really about.

A pack of Pure Beauty's pre-rolls in a soft baby pink.

Pure Beauty -  Threesome Indica Blend Preroll

Let's see if nominative determinism applies to prerolls and treat your sexy company to this smooth Indica blend. As the old proverb goes: a throuple who shotguns will never make trouble!


Caliva's Classic Vapes line in Afternoon Delight.

Caliva - Afternoon Delight Vape Cartridge

This lemon and cream vape will put you in the mood for dessert even before the main course–a winning state to be in when flirtation's on the table. 



Product photo of Yummi Karma's Love Potion drops - a natural aphrodisiac tincture with broad spectrum THC and CBD - strawberry flavored.

Yummi Karma – Tincture – Love Potion 1:2

This aphrodisiac tincture from Yummi Karma, featuring broad spectrum THC and CBD, is like taking a hit from Cupid's bow: it may be intense at first but soon, you'll be singing love songs from rooftops and looking at the world with shining heart eyes.


Kush Queen's water based lube with 30mg THC.

Kush Queen - Water-Based Lubricant

The thrilling effects of THC on sense of touch will be most evident with this lube, which is safe to use with latex condoms and silicone toys! 

So, friends and lovers, go be your sexy selves and enjoy the many benefits cannabis can bring to the bedroom!

Celia Lopez is a writer and native Southern Californian who currently lives in New York. She misses the sunshine but loves the mood.

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