Budtender with plants

We are excited to announce the launch of our clone program in 2017, starting Thursday, January 5th (from 2pm-8pm). Clones are an exciting way to bring the magic of cannabis cultivation to your home. Be you an amateur gardener or an aspiring Gregor Mendel, Caliva has the clones for you. 

Clones will be sold every Thursday from 2pm-8pm (limit 12 clones per customer*). 

*If interested in wholesale purchasing, please email [email protected] for an application. 


Friday, December 23rd - Kiva Confections

Kiva Chocolates

One of the top edibles company in the state, Kiva Confections crafts some of California's most delectable chocolates and mints. If you have yet to discover Kiva, now is your chance. All Kiva products are 10% off on this special vendor day. 


Saturday, December 24th - Legion of Bloom

Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom is a purpose-driven company committed to producing high quality, organically cultivated medicinal cannabis using sustainable practices. Their plants are grown in a custom soil blend enriched with compost teeming with microbial life. They feed their plants 100% natural
organic nutrients, compost teas and never use any synthetic fertilizers nor harsh pesticides. They aim to elevate their product through sustainable, conscious practices and production methods.

*Vendor special - buy 1 gram and get .5 gram Free!

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