Find Cannabis Terms & Definitions

420 (noun)

The unofficial cannabis holiday. Started by a group of friends in Marin County in the 1970s (they used to meet at 4:20pm to smoke), the time/day is synonymous with getting high.

510 (noun)

This is the standard model for vape cartridges and batteries in the cannabis industry. Because of the universality of this size, many cartridges can be easily interchanged with any model of battery.

710 (noun)

Upside down and reversed, 710 spells oil, which for many is a big deal. July 10th is an unofficial dabbing holiday and celebration for all things cannabis oil.


BHO (noun)

Butane Hash Oil. This method of production involves dissolving the plant with butane (solvent), producing a very potent substance. Depending on the manufacturing method, the result is a taffy- or honey-like consistency that can be made into a number of different products including live resin, shatter, crumble, budder, and sugar. These can be dabbed, vaporized, or used as a bowl topper.

Bowl (noun)

The part of a pipe or bong that holds your cannabis. Pack up that bowl, light it up and get to smoking.

Budtender (noun)

We know them as baristas at coffee shops, “geniuses” at Apple stores, and cast members at Disney. Your local dispensary will be staffed by budtenders, retail associates with a range of knowledge on all cannabis products sold in store.


Cannabinoids (CAN-ah-bah-noyds, noun, plural)

Sounds like a species of robots, but they’re actually a naturally occurring chemical compound in cannabis. More importantly - this is the stuff that gets you high. This is the stuff that is measured to determine THC levels and depending on how high they are, that’s how high you’ll get.

Cannabis (noun)

This is why we’re all here! The cannabis plant produces all products that can be consumed. Known also as marijuana, weed, bud, the kind, greens, ganja, broccoli, etc. etc.

Capsules (noun)

Just like a Tylenol gel cap, this product is ingested orally and offers fast-acting effects of THC, CBD, or a combination of the both. This deliverable is ideal for those looking for a non-smoking, discreet alternative.

Cartridge (noun)

A tube or pod that contains cannabis oil or other concentrates for vaping. The cartridge connects to a battery or “pen” to use.

CBD (noun)

Cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid for those on the medical tip. CBD has therapeutic and medical benefits but with none of the buzz. It has been shown to help with pain, high blood sugar, nausea, convulsions, inflammation, cancer, psoriasis, psychosis, anxiety, bone growth, and more. Taken with THC in the same dose, CBD can act as an excellent pain reliever.

CBG (noun)

Cannabigerol. This is a cannabinoid that is found minimally in cannabis, but is showing that it can slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, and promote bone growth. While research is limited, the benefits look promising.

CBN (noun)

Cannabinol. CBN is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is anti-insomnia, pain relieving, sedative, and known to have the same effects as Diazepam. There is a lot of excitement surrounding CBN research.

Clone (noun)

When you clip a piece off of a mother plant, this small branch is known as a clone. You can replant this piece and bam! You just started growing another cannabis plant.

CO2 (noun)

CO2 refers to products made by carbon dioxide (CO2) supercritical fluid extraction technology; infused edibles, cartridges, topicals, and beverages.

Color (noun)

Color refers to the various shades of cannabis oil at different stages of refinement (e.g., Golden, Sunlight, Amber).

Concentrate (noun)

Concentrates are generally super-strong substances derived from marijuana flowers: commonly known as hash or oil, concentrates often have to undergo special preparation processes in order to be enjoyed by consumers. It is an umbrella term that will pop up often when discussing marijuana intake methods, and its growing popularity suggests that it will only become more and more mainstream as legalization efforts continue.

Crutch (noun)

A crutch functions as a filter on a joint, keeping bits of flower from getting into your mouth. It also creates a nice shape and grip. You can make them yourself using cardboard (pre-rolls often come using cardboard) and when you’re feeling fancy there are also glass crutches you can buy.

Cultivar (noun)

The varieties (strains) selected to grow by a farm based on the best environment in which these varieties grow to their potential.

Chillum (noun)

Also known as a one-hitter, the chillum is a small pipe that is discreet and great for travel, microdosing, and keeping your high mellow.


Dabs (noun)

A waxy cannabis concentrate that you heat and vaporize (much like oil when vaping) and then inhale. These have very high THC levels - anywhere from 30% to 90+%. Let a Caliva budtender be your guide when it comes to dabs.

Dabbing (verb, "to dab")

Dabbing consists of heating and then inhaling the vapor of a high concentrate wax instead of an oil. It can be inhaled using certain vape pens or other devices referred to as “hot plates” or “nails”.

Decarboxylate (verb)

A process of baking cannabis at low heat to “activate” the THC and make it absorbable by your body. Decarbing weed is usually a step in making cannabutter.

De-Wax (verb)

A process that removes residual butane solvent from cannabis concentrates.

Dispensary (noun)

This is the industry term for a marijuana retail space. Some people refer to it as a “pot shop,” but c’mon, how much better does dispensary sound?

Distillate (noun)

Distillation is an age old method to refine products to a concentrated, potent substance. This oil is used to make products that include vape cartridges and oils.


Edible or Edibles (noun, noun plural)

Instead of “pot brownies” as blanket term used by goofy uncles to describe food with cannabis in it - edible is used to describe consumable food or drink containing THC. The effects of edibles are somewhat delayed, so be patient and plan accordingly. Check out some tips and tricks on microdosing and taking these first steps slow.

Eighth (noun)

This is the standard measurement for flower, which is one-eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams.

Endocannabinoid System (noun)

This is the system in your body that responds to cannabinoids and is best thought of as a bridge between your mind and body. These are the receptors that cannabis work with to produce both

Extract (noun)

Extract is another term for concentrate, a highly potent substance derived from the marijuana plant that will get you seriously messed up if you smoke too much of it. Extracts are usually produced in a very scientific manner, and producing them should generally be left to the experts, as it can be very hard and sometimes dangerous.psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects.

Extraction Method (noun)

A process by which cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis compounds are removed from raw plant material to create concentrates like oil (e.g., BHO).


Flash Chromatography (noun)

This is science at work; a quick and fairly easy way to separate compounds. With cannabis extraction, it is used to separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Flower (noun)

The mother ship. The source. The origin. Cannabis in all its glory. Flower is the natural, raw, plant state. Traditional "weed", if you will.

Formulation (noun)

This is essentially a recipe for products. With cartridges, cannabis oil is blended with terpenes to create flavorful products!


Genotype (noun)

The complete heritable genetic identity of a cannabis plant or other living organism.

Grinder (noun)

A grinder is a device used to grind up flower and make it easier to roll into a joint, put in a bowl or use in a vaporizer.


Hash (noun)

This is a smokable product that dates back to the 900s. Made in a few different ways, hash is a concentrated, potent substance made from isolating the trichomes from the cannabis plant.

Hemp (noun, plural)

Hemp plants are similar to the cannabis plants we ingest, but they are much smaller and do not produce high concentrations of cannabinoids. Hemp is not typically ingested as it doesn’t produce physically therapeutic effects due to the low cannabinoid levels. It’s often found in topical products, foods and beverages as it has been found to be a great source of protein.

Hybrid (noun)

A strain that’s part indica, part sativa. Most plants lean to one side of the spectrum or the other, but some do fall into that sweet spot in the middle.

Hydrofluorocarbon Extraction (noun)

Caliva’s unique process for making cannabis oil using a non-toxic/non-flammable proprietary gas mixture for extraction. Also known as Low Pressure Isolation.


Indica (noun)

Best way to remember this is “In-da-Couch.” Indica strains are best suited for nights at home, days on the couch and for many, pain relief.

Indoor (noun)

This is the descriptor for marijuana grown inside. Typically, indoor product is more potent and easier to manipulate with lights, airflow, and temperature.


Kief (Keef, noun, plural)

Kief is the crystal looking bits that shake off of flower, also known as trichomes. Sprinkle on a joint, or bowl if you’re using a pipe, for an extra THC kick, but please don’t snort it!

Kush (noun)

Strains that have “Kush” in the name originated from the Hindu Kush Mountain range in the Middle East.


Landrace (noun)

Cannabis strains that have developed over centuries in a particular natural environment or location, such as Afghani or Thai.

Light Dep (noun)

Light Deprivation is a style of growing in a greenhouse or other facility where natural light is controlled to speed up the grow lifecycle.

Live Resin (noun)

A type of concentrate made by flash freezing fresh cannabis plants, often with very high terpene content.

Low Pressure Isolation (noun)

Caliva’s exclusive, non-toxic and non-flammable method for cannabis oil extraction. Also known as Hydroflorucarbon Extraction.


Nugs (noun)

Large chunks of flower that can look like a magical holiday pinecone! This is what is taken off the plant and consumed in all its various forms.

Nug Run (noun)

In the extraction process, nug run refers to products that are made by only using nugs. These products are higher priced and higher quality.


OG (noun)

OG stands for Ocean Grown and is a strain originally from California.

Outdoor (noun)

Cannabis grown in full sun and also referred to as “sun grown.” Many altruistic cannabis users prefer this natural style of growing to the more industrial indoor grown style.


Phenotype (noun)

The observable physical characteristics of a cannabis plant or other living organism, as determined by genetics (genotype) and environment.

Pod (noun)

A type of cartridge used to hold cannabis oil or other concentrate for vaping.

Post-Harvest (noun)

This is a term describing the activity that takes place after a cannabis plant has completed its grow cycle. Drying, curing, and packaging are a big part of the post-harvest process.

Potency (noun)

The strength of a substance as measured by the amount needed to produce a certain response - in the cannabis realm, this generally refers to THC content and the psychoactive response it produces.

Pre-rolls (noun)

A cannabis cigarette, joint, or doobie - pre-rolled for your convenience. A pre-roll is either made by grinding up full-flower nugs or by using shake.

Pinner (noun)

This is a super thin joint or doobie that is small due to lack of product available or the desire for less THC.


Refinement (noun)

The process of removing impurities and unwanted elements from cannabis extract. High-quality distillates often go through several refinements to create a finished product.

Residual Solvent (noun)

Organic volatile chemicals used in the extraction process.

Resin (noun)

The gooey black tar that builds up in bongs, pipes, and other smoking devices. In times of need or when you’re “dankrupt,” this might just be your only hope.

Rosin (noun)

A potent substance made by distilling trichomes. It’s easily dabbable or used as a bowl topper.


SFE (noun)

Supercritical Fluid Extraction. This process is known more commonly as C02 extraction and uses temperature and pressure to separate compounds and produce oils and extracts.

Sativa (noun)

As a general rule, sativa strains keep you up, give you energy and are best suited for running errands, hiking, and activities that require focus.

Shake (noun, plural)

Leaf pieces or trichomes shaken off flower that gather in bags or jars. It’s not whole flower, so the THC levels are much lower, which makes it less expensive. But it can be used for joints and… making a very special butter.

Solubility (noun)

The ability of a substance to dissolve in a chemical solvent. Cannabis compounds are dissolved in solvents like butane to make concentrates.

Solvent (noun)

Liquid used to dissolve a substance into a liquid. Popular solvents in cannabis extraction include butane, propane, and ethanol.

Spliff (noun)

Widely popular in Europe, a spliff is a joint that combines tobacco and cannabis.

Stash Jar (noun)

Any container with an air-tight seal used for keeping dry cannabis flowers fresh. Basically, anything you would use to hide your Halloween candy and keep it from going bad. Could be a glass canning jar or could be a pretty bamboo jar.

Strain (noun)

Strains refer to the variety of plant species. They come in fun names like OG Kush, Blue Dream, etc. The name is derived from the origin or the intended effect. Think about this like tomatoes; Roma, Cherry, Kumato, etc.

Sun Grown (noun)

Cannabis grown in full sun and also referred to as “outdoor.” Many altruistic cannabis users prefer this natural style of growing to the more industrial indoor grown style.


Terpenes (Turp-eens, noun)

Also used as an adjective, “terpy” or abbreviated to “terps”. Terpenes are the oils in cannabis that produce flavor, aroma and some effects. When you like the smell or taste of a cannabis product, you are feeling those terps, so follow your nose. Much like aromatherapy, terpenes provide certain calming effects.

THC (noun)

Tetrahydrocannabinol. The king of the cannabinoids. THC at different levels can remedy pain, nausea, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. Those in the market for recreational purposes will want to pay attention to THC levels too, because the cannabinoid king is your highness.

THC Ranges (noun)

THC levels determine strength and potency of any given cannabis product. For dry cannabis flowers, very low THC is about 5%, low being 10-14%, high being 15-20%, and very high being anything above 20%. Cannabis extracts or concentrates (like dabs and oils) can be as low as 30% THC and as high as 90%+.

THCA (noun)

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis. When cannabis is heated, THCA is converted into THC. There’s not enough research to support many of the therapeutic claims, but many users enjoy the anti-inflammatory and pain reducing qualities.

Tincture (noun)

Drop a little bit of this in your drink and put a pep in your step. Tinctures are a great start for cannabis newbies because you can control your intake without smoking or tasting what many call that “weedy” taste.

Topicals (noun)

Lotions, balms, patches, and other products that touch your skin are topicals. Throw away your old BenGay; these products are full of natural ingredients and will soothe all of your aches and pains.

Transdermal Patch (noun)

A patch placed on the skin that penetrates the skin to provide pain relief to muscles, nerves, and other musculoskeletal pain.

Trichomes (noun)

These are all of the crystals that make your buds beautiful and camera ready. These are actually glands that are protecting the plant and producing the highest concentration of THC/CBD in the plant.

Trim (noun)

When cannabis plants complete their grow cycle, excess leaves and other plant material are cut off the plant to expose beautiful nugs. This excess that is cut off is known as trim.

Trim Run (noun)

Extracts made from using trim rather than nugs or the whole plant. Usually lower priced and of lesser quality.


Vape Cartridge (noun)

The vape cartridge is the engine to your rocket. The cartridge is what contains the high THC (or CBD) oil that’s heated and ingested when vaping. The cartridge gets screwed into your pen or other vaping device and then... lift off.

Vape Pen (noun)

It’s like having a little chemistry set in your pocket. A vape pen is the power unit used to heat cannabis oil into an inhalable vapor. Let a budtender show you how to use different pens and find the one that works best for you.

Vaping (Vay-ping, verb, “to vape”)

Vaping is inhaling the gas from heated cannabis oil using a vape pen (or flower using a dry herb vaporizer). Don’t let the words oil and gas fool you; vaping is a safe and clean way to ingest cannabis. It’s more intense than smoking as the THC or CBD levels are higher in oils, so effects can vary too. It’s an all around convenient and discreet way to consume.

Viscosity (noun)

The measurement of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency. Proper viscosity is essential to the oil-making process, as it affects how efficiently the oil travels through a cartridge during the vaping process.


Winterize (verb)

The process of freezing crude oil diluted in solvent to separate plant fats and liquids.

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