The annual cannabis holiday known as 4/20 is almost here, and thanks to legalization, this year’s 4/20 is for everyone. We created a guide for this year’s celebration, so whether this is your first 4/20 or your 40th, you’ll be prepared to make it a truly legendary day.

WHY APRIL 20 FOR “4/20”?

Rumors abound, but the generally accepted story behind 4/20 is that five high school friends in California met every day after school at 4:20 pm to smoke. Eventually, "420" became their code for marijuana. That code went mainstream in the early '90s after one of the friends became a roadie for the Grateful Dead. Deadheads passed out flyers about smoking 420 at 4:20 pm on 4/20, and a holiday was born.


  1. Pick a party spot. This holiday is designed for spending quality time with friends, and every great party needs a venue, so lock down your headquarters first.
  2. Scope out events leading up to 4/20 and on the day itself. Many dispensaries will have vendors on-site throughout the week with special promotions or giveaways. Use it as an opportunity to try something new or to stock up on your favorites.
  3. Acquire currency. Marijuana is still largely a cash-only business, so you’ll need money on hand in advance - or prepare to hit up the store ATM when you arrive.
  4. Set a budget… maybe… nah, just kidding. This is a day for treating yourself, so if you see a product you like, just buy it. If you aren’t going to splurge on cannabis products on 4/20, then when will you?


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If you’ll be having a 4/20 party, here’s a mini-checklist for hosts.

  1. Choose a variety of strains and products for sampling. Flower, pre-rolls, oil, edibles - grab a little bit of everything to ensure you have something for every guest, no matter their level of experience with cannabis.  
  2. Set the atmosphere. Is this shindig going to be laid back and chill? Break out the comfy chairs and pillows. A little more upbeat? Get the stereo cranking. Are you planning a theme? Perhaps the NHL playoffs… Go Sharks!
  3. Put out a mix of sweet and savory foods. The munchies are serious business. Snacks like chips and dip or pot brownies are an old standard, but if you’re feeling creative, there’s also cannabis-infused mac and cheese. Note: clearly label which foods contain cannabis!
  4. Skip the booze. Alcohol and cannabis are not friends. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. They will inevitably fight and trash your living room. Stick with water, soda and juice. You can also do a mini-tasting with cannabis-infused drinks. Again, clearly label which drinks contain cannabis!
  5. Prepare a few different entertainment options. Board games, comedy specials, sporting events or the best movies to watch while high - everybody reacts a bit differently when they consume cannabis, so give people plenty of options to keep themselves engaged.
  6. Remember the CBD. Sometimes, people get a little too high, and CBD can help when a person becomes super anxious, or “greens out.” If that happens, lead the person into a quiet room, try some CBD, and remember: no one can OD or die from cannabis. 
  7. Be prepared for overnight guests. Don’t be afraid to take keys if someone is a little too stoned. There’s no need to risk lives via DUI.


If you’ll be attending a 4/20 party, here’s a mini-checklist for guests.

  1. Ask if there’s anything you can bring with you. This is party etiquette 101, and it applies to 420 parties too. Even bringing plastic utensils means one less thing for your host(s) to worry about.
  2. Bring a small gift for the host(s). Think of it like bringing a bottle of wine, but better. Whether you choose white or red - or more aptly, sativa or indica - is up to you, but consider purchasing a special gram or oil cartridge just for the folks who offered up their place as tribute.
  3. Choose a DD or prepare to take a Lyft. Smoking and driving is a no-no, and Lyft is offering a discount on the big day - no excuses, folks. Have fun and be safe!


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