Caliva's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday, get your friends and loved ones what they really want this holiday season: Cannabis. From limited-edition gummies to oh-so-affordable stash box stuffers, you can get something for everyone on your list. Not sure what to get them? Peruse our gift guides for some curated lists to make this truly the happiest season of them all.

Stash box stuffers

Stash Box Stuffers ($15 and under)

Who doesn't want to wake up Christmas morning to a fresh package of DELI Citrus Spice gummies in their stash box? Our Stash Box Stuffers Gift Guide has something for everyone—all for $15 and under. Bright gummies, THC-filled flowers, powerful patches—y'know, everything anyone would want to find in their stash box.

Our Favorite Gifts

Our Favorite Gifts

From grown-fresh flower to holiday-exclusive gummies, the Our Favorite Gifts Gift Guide has a little something for everyone. Packed with affordable holiday faves and luxurious flowers, these favorites are some of the best-of-the-best we have in our store.

For the Cannasseur

For the Cannasseur

Does your BFF drone on and on about the terpene profiles of their favorite strain-of-the-week or lament when a vape cartridge isn't infused with fresh terpenes or live resin oil? This is the gift guide for your BFF. We've currated a list of terpene-rich flowers, live resin vapes and fruit-filled gummies for the most discernible palate in our Cannasseur Gift Guide.

CBD-Only Giftables

Want to get your Aunt Carol that CBD-infused bath bomb she desperately needs? This is the gift guide for her and every other wellness-focused shopper who needs to treat themselves. These CBD picks are perfect for those who only want to feel that sweet, sweet CBD with no psychoactive effects.

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