Enjoy rich flavors from single-source terpenes and Caliva’s fresh flower

No matter how you choose to enjoy your cannabis, the feeling you get when you encounter your #happymoment is unmistakable. If cannabis vape carts happen to be your product of choice — as they are for many people — now you have a super easy way to enjoy your favorite Caliva fresh flower, with no additives or botanically derived terpenes. Everyone we know has a favorite terpene flavor — whether that’s the soothing hints of mint and pine, or the energizing accents of citrus and berry, there’s always one to meet your mood. Depending on what you’re up to, you might even want a mix of all these happy little aromas. 

That’s the fun of terpenes, you get to enjoy the powerful fresh flower vape, enhanced by the effects and flavors from strain-specific cannabis terpenes for a unique experience. The complex aromas behind Caliva’s zero-additives fresh flower vapes will allow you to fully appreciate whatever strain you choose, in a natural way — just as Mother Nature intended.

What are Terpenes? Trust Your Nose.

An amazing array of aromas that enhance taste and experience

It helps to think about cannabis terpenes as oils or aromas that create the taste and smell and enhance the effects of your cannabis product. They’re secreted in the same glands where you find THC and CBD, and each plant has its own level. Terpenes play well with THC and CBD, which in industry lingo is called the “entourage effect.” (Yes, just like the HBO show!) Based on how you feel, you might want to delve into a terpene profile that allows you to relax and chill out to your favorite playlist, or you might want instead to try a terpene option that helps you stay uplifted and confident. Maybe you want something that’s a little bit of both? Totally doable.

Terpenes have become increasingly kind of a big deal in the cannabis community, and a lot of people might still be wondering what they are, and why you should care about them. There’s a helpful analogy to think of when trying to distinguish between cannabinoids and terpenes — if you think of your favorite kind of car, cannabinoids are like the engine and do most of the work getting you along to your favorite kind of high. The terpenes, however, are like the steering wheel, and can determine what direction — chill, calm, or uplifting — your experience will take. Terpenes have a reputation for elevating people's mindset, sounds pretty good, right? 

The terpenes Caliva derives from are our own, indoor grown plants that you can now enjoy in the convenience of a vape cartridge. Fresh flower vapes offer an enhanced cannabis experience to really bring out the true to flower flavors and effects of Caliva plants and their terpenes, which is a long way to say, it’s fun!

All Natural and 100% Cannabis Terpenes, All the Time

Our cannabis terpenes are derived from the Caliva flower you love, and never contain additives.

When you want something to be fresh, you go to the source. This is exactly what Caliva has done with our seed, to plant, to Fresh Flower Vape vertical supply. Every Fresh Flower Vape’s terpenes are derived from happy little plants grown in our Northern California facility, where they’re cared for by our expert cultivars. This is really where all the magic happens — although not quite like Criss Angel — but it is where we can experiment with new strain crossings to develop new aroma and effects profiles, delving deeper into what we know about how terpenes work within the flowers. Every one of the terpenes we extract comes from our flower, meaning this is a cannabis derived terpene, and not a botanical derived one. 

Existing products in the market may offer cannabis derived terpenes, but they can’t all guarantee they’ll be derived from the same strain of plant—which can lead to inconsistent flavor profiles and rotating strain offerings. Once you fall in love with our Fresh Flower Vapes you’ll always have access to our single-source terpenes that come from our flower, and nowhere else. This means you can be sure that our vape products are free from additives, fillers, or any kind of artificial ingredient. If you value formulations free of additives, and that contain cannabis-derived terpenes, then Caliva Fresh Flower Vapes could be right up your alley.

Convenient and Potent

The wonderful taste and aroma you’ve come to love from Caliva flower now comes in a convenient vape cart option. Each one of the Fresh Flower Vapes clocks in at 80%+ THC and use a 510 CCELL cartridge for universal 510 threaded battery compatibility. This makes them easy to store and convenient to use anytime you want. Pull out your Alien OG vape when it’s time to chill out with your favorite playlist, or grab your Sour Diesel Lemon Kush when meeting with friends to catch up over Zoom. And you’ll definitely be reaching for Z Cube the next time you want to get in the kitchen and try out a new recipe. When you vape these carts you can be confident knowing the taste and aroma are true to flower, and so incredibly smooth!

Caliva Fresh Flower Vapes Strain Options 

Grab your favorite or try a new vape - Our top three ready and waiting just for you

Our Fresh Flower vapes come from single-source cannabis derived terpenes, all of which are strain specific and extracted directly from Caliva indoor grown flower. You can shop confidently knowing that our ingredients are 100% cannabis derived, have an amazing taste, and if you fall in love with one of our top three strains, it will always be available! Our top three strains consist of:

  • Alien OG: This popular vape comes from a cross of the Alien Kush x Tahoe OG strains and gives off pine and citrus notes.
  • Z Cube: Dive into a sweet boost thanks to berries, grapefruit, and rose. This award winning strain won the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid Flower.
  • Sour Diesel Lemon Kush: This is always a favorite if you’re inspired to take on the day and try something with invigorating lemon and kush undertones.

Limited edition vapes

We could all use a little variety in life, right? That’s why we opted to rotate two of our strains giving you new opportunities to try a different flavor profile. Fresh cannabis derived terpenes offer a lot of room for experimentation — which is always a good thing, because there are so many possibilities we want to explore. We’re always learning about all kinds of possible terpene combinations, but we highly recommend sampling these two. Try them before they’re gone!

  • Blackjack: Take advantage of this popular Black Domina x Jack Herer strain and enjoy pine traces and hints of sweet lime for a smooth ride.
  • Strawberry Banana: Add an extra dose of fun to your vape with this cross of Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubblegum. What a sweet way to enjoy candied strawberries and bananas.

Our 100% cannabis terpenes derived from classic Caliva indoor-grown flower is now available in a convenient and potent vape. We’re sure this is going to be your new favorite type of cannabis experience, whether it’s after a long day of work, or just relaxing on the weekend. You can thank us later.

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