Controversial and beneficial – the ongoing debate on the effects of marijuana have always garnered our attention. This has resulted in the plant, considered long ago to be illegal in many countries and territories, to be studied and discussed in so many aspects.

Modern medicine has resorted to many claims, with highlights of the plant being beneficial to man – being able to alleviate pain, help with muscle spasms, epileptic seizures or even cancer. But what about its effects on animals? While studies have been done for the benefit of man, there were just rare instances that studies were done with aims of determining the plant’s benefits to animals.

And so to give chance for the good effects of the plant to take center-stage, here are the 8 known benefits of CBD for pets.

1.    Reduces Anxiety

Humans are known to have a biological system called the endocannabinoid system. It affects sleep, appetite, memory, pain, and all kinds of moods. The same biological system exists in other vertebrates like cats and dogs.

Cats, dogs, and other animals also suffer from stress and anxiety just like us humans. It may be caused by a lot of things but during these times, serotonin levels fluctuate in animals which may cause such moods.

In relation to this, some studies support that the use of CBD for pets helps in managing symptoms of these mental states, including anxiety and phobia.

2.    Boosts a Healthier Immune System

The National Cancer Society states that cannabinoids sort of “trigger” specific organs inside the body to produce medicinal effects; effects that are beneficial to the nervous and immune systems.

Such a process results in a boost to our pet’s fight against illnesses and diseases. Cannabidiol or CBD is known to lower inflammatory cytokines – one of the major factors that play in autoimmunity to pets.

3.    CBD for a Healthier Nervous System

Just like us humans, dogs and cats are also susceptible to diseases and illnesses that come with age. As they age, our pets are also vulnerable to degenerative diseases like brain cell death or osteoarthritis.

Recent studies show that cell death is common in dogs as they age. This is caused by toxins and radicals that are present in the environment. CBD is known to protect your dog’s brain as it ages as it stops NMDAr, AMPA, and Kainate Receptor-Mediated Neurotoxicity.

4.    CBD and Tumor Growth

One of the most groundbreaking discoveries of what cannabis can do to pets is its amazing effect in relation to cancer. CBD is known to contain anti-tumor effects and can stop cancer cells from replicating. It is also known to destroy existing tumor cells.

CBD also has the capacity to stop cancer cells from producing energy, leading to the death of these cells. For pets that are undergoing cancer treatments, CBD can also make the effects of conventional treatment more effective.

5.    Convulsions No More!

Does your pet suffer from seizures? While there are already existing medications that can control seizures in cats and dogs, recent studies have shown CBD to have the capability to control tremors, seizures, spasms, and tics. Studies have also shown that there is an improvement in the overall well-being of pets with epilepsy after taking CBD for about 5 months.

6.    Rids Your Pets of Nausea; Improves Appetite

You may never have had any problems with your pet cat or dog in the past. This is so until one day, your pet just stopped eating altogether. Not eating could be because of a lot of things. It may be because your dog just got tired of all the usual food. Or it could be that the appetite loss, which is a symptom of cat depression, has already paid your cat’s life a visit.

Your pets unable to communicate about how they feel would just look you in the eyes and not eat or erratically behave. It is up to you to realize that something is wrong.

You should know that if your vet recommends CBD, there’s no cause for panic. Studies have shown how CBD can be beneficial in improving the appetite of your pet dog or cat. Research has supported the thought of CBD being the main producer of an antiemetic and an anti-nausea effect.

The same effect has been shown when CBD is given to those pets that suffer from nausea and vomiting due to chronic illnesses.

In such a study, a new method of ingesting lab rats with cannabis vapor has found how the drug can turn on hunger hormones in pets. This rids your pet of the nausea feeling. This can also alter eating behaviors that may seem a problem before the ingestion of CBD.

7.    Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory Effects for Pets

One of the most popularly known benefits of cannabis to humans and pets is that it alleviates pain. It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that could be beneficial to those who suffer from osteoarthritis and other related illnesses.

Research has it that CBD equates to pain relief and so results in improved mobility in dogs and cats. The better news is that there are no known side effects that go along with ingesting CBD to pets.

8.    Improves Overall Wellbeing

Cannabis is not only used to rid pets of illnesses. It is also ingested for their overall well-being. It is more like a preventive measure and recently has been made part of their regular regimen.

As CBD is known to improve appetite amongst pets, pet owners see fewer problems in getting their furry friends eat. This results in proper nutrition and well-nourished cats and dogs. The nourishment is needed for their overall health.

CBD is also known to promote bowel motility and so toxins are easily flushed out of the system.


While vets still do not have full liberty in prescribing CBD treatment to pets, certain studies have already backed up so many of these claims that cannabis prescriptions are being pushed to the forefront of animal well-being. In California, veterinarians will soon have the ability to prescribe CBD to their clients thanks to the passing of senate bill AB 2215.

Please remember that every animal is different and what works for some may not work for others. Always consult your veterinarian before using CBD on your pet and use trusted brands like Fiori or VetCBD.

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