The pizza’s on its way and so is the cannabis. If you’ve already burned through our five movies to watch when you’re high, we’ve got you covered: here are 10 hilarious comedy specials (some with even high comedians) to watch before, during and after a smoke session.


10. Gabriel Iglesias - I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry

Better known as “Fluffy” to his fans (as in, he’s not fat, he’s fluffy), Iglesias is a master of impressions, incorporating sound effects and voices into his standup - which ranges from racist gift baskets to well-meaning fans...and yes, to food.

9. Maria Bamford - Old Baby

Bamford’s offbeat style isn’t for everyone, but “Old Baby” showcases her genius: she performs her set in front of audiences as small as one person in a living room to as large as hundreds in a packed house. The result is a quirky, heartfelt hour of impressions, self-deprecation and laughter.

8. Iliza Shlesinger - Confirmed Kills

Shlesinger is a Millennial, and she owns it. From awakening her inner party goblin to navigating the depths of her purse, she tackles the important question of just what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

7. Neal Brennan - 3 Mics

Like the title indicates, Brennan, a frequent collaborator/writer with Dave Chappelle, performs three different types of comedy in front of three separate mics: one-liners, “regular” standup, and a more personal, confessional style that showcases his artistic and comedic abilities.

6. Mike Birbiglia - Thank God For Jokes

The golden age for late people; the intricacies of yoga; his gratitude toward being able to make fun of you: Birbiglia speaks softly and carries a big...hilarious mic.

5. Chelsea Peretti - One of the Greats

Peretti gives tips on how to break the ice, what to do in the face of overwhelming confidence, and the bravery of going without makeup. And if you haven’t seen her in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, get on that too.

4. Michael Che - Michael Che Matters

You may know him as a current co-host of SNL’s Weekend Update, along with Colin Yost. Che aims his laser observational skills at the tougher topics of race, gentrification and Black Lives Matter.

3. Ali Wong - Baby Cobra

Eight months pregnant? No problem. Wong talks about life issues like pregnancy (of course), combating the urge to hoard, and how Texas Instruments bamboozled us all with that damn graphing calculator.

2. John Mulaney - Comeback Kid

From the guy who answered the question, “How much Tom Jones is too much Tom Jones?” comes another sassy special filled with self-deprecation. Yes, his TV show was terrible, but his comedy is still very much on-point. If you like this one, he's got another special out May 1.

1. Dave Chappelle - Equanimity & The Bird Revelation / The Age of Spin & Deep in the Heart of Texas

Cult stoner hit "Half-Baked"; Emmy-nominated "Chappelle’s Show"; and four separate stand-up specials in 2017: Dave Chappelle is synonymous with comedy, marijuana and being a high comedian. The master is back, and we couldn’t pick just one. Sorry, it's our list and we make the rules here.

Honorable Mention: Mitch Hedberg

RIP to the king of the one-liners and non-sequiturs. It was all in the delivery for Hedberg's deadpan humor, and the world’s a little less funny without him in it.


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